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While at Redskins Training Camp, THN caught up with one of it’s favorite players and one of the funniest Washington Redskins to interview — Cory Raymer. Always engaging and entertaining, we were happy to talk with him again. It was just a couple of days after the Baltimore scrimmage where he appeared to have been injured:

THN: Cory, you looked hurt on Saturday and yet you’re already back out here, was it serious or are you just toughing it out?

Cory: (Points to his side) Actually I tore my left love handle.

(Both laugh)

THN: Do you have to work your right love handle to compensate for that?

Cory: No not really. Actually it’s always been like that, my left love handle has always been bigger anyway if you look close enough.

(Both laugh again)

Cory: Seriously, I’m fine… I just had the wind knocked out of me.

THN: How has camp with the other Wisconny boy (Casey Rabach) been?

Cory: It’s going good.

THN: You guys haven’t had a chance to get out hunting yet?

Cory: Not yet, hopefully in the fall. But it’s good to reminisce with each other.

THN: Did you guys know each other before?

Cory: No we didn’t actually. Not at all, we had met here and there but that’s about it. When we played against each other in Baltimore and stuff like that. But yeah, it’s going well between us.

THN: Now I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask you about hockey a little bit…. what do you think about the hockey strike being over?

Cory: It’s good… now I can go to sleep every night. We watch it every night going to bed… so I hope they got what they wanted and I think they did which is good.

THN: Did you side with the players or the owners?

Cory: Well I always side with the players of course. Come on. (laughs) Absolutely i hope they got what they wanted, but it’ll be fun to get back to watching some games.

THN: Do you think the players gave up too much?

Cory: Who knows… well you know what, no, because they all did it, so probably not. From what I understand a lot of them went overseas to do what they do but I’m sure a lot of them weren’t too, too sad to get the whole year off. But now they’re back into the swing of things and it should be interesting. I’m just fired up to see them get going again.

THN: But you’re still playing hockey…

Cory: Oh yeah, defiitely.

THN: I heard you were a defenseman, that’s kind of a scary thought.

Cory: Yeah I hang back a lot… I can skate backwards better than I can skate forwards.

THN: Do you got that hip check down pat?

Cory: They don’t allow me to be physical… but… you know, sometimes it just happens that way.

(both laugh)

THN: Thanks for your time Cory, best of luck this season.

Cory: My pleasure.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Mark Solway

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