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Each week of this season TheHogs.net will bring you Hognostications, a staff member’s picks on who will win each game and why. If you pick up a slight bit of Hognosticator homerism, do not be alarmed, that is the intent. As always, kids, please no wagering. In addition, each week we will review the past week’s results and a cumulative record will be kept. So play along because who knows, you may be asked to be the next Hognosticator.

Oakland at New England
We roll right out of the gate with an upset special. Look for Randy Moss to put down the bong and smoke the Patriot secondary. Kerry Collins, Jerry Porter and Lamont Jordan will also have big days, as the Pats get an early wake up call and the Raiders start strong as usual.
Pick – Raiders

Houston at Buffalo
The Texans take out the frustrations of a horrible preseason on the Bills. Look for Buchanon, Coleman and Robinson of the Texan secondary to capitalize on newcomer J.P. Losman struggling with opening day jitters in front of his hometown crowd. This game has the feel of a defensive battle, but look for the Texans to put up enough points to take it.
Pick – Texans

New Orleans at Carolina
The Saints are in for a long, long season. Look for them to be playing in San Antonio or Los Angeles next season.
Pick – Panthers

Cincinnati at Cleveland
Look for Palmer and the many Johnsons to put up tons of offensive yardage. They are starting Trent Dilfer? What were they thinking?
Pick – Bengals

Seattle at Jacksonville
Seahawks on the road (enough said) will continue to drop passes and cannot score enough points against a good Jaguar defense to keep up with Leftwich and Taylor.
Pick – Jaguars

New York Jets at Kansas City
The Chiefs offense led by Green and Holmes puts up plenty of points, while their revamped defense feasts on Pennington, Martin and Coles. Coles stubs his toe, but is still able to average his lofty seven yards per catch.
Pick – Chiefs

Denver at Miami
This game is going to be closer than people think. However, there is no way an offense led by Frerotte and Ricky Williams will score enough to win.
Pick – Broncos

Tampa Bay at Minnesota
Cadillac Williams will get his rough introduction to the Vike’s strengthened defense. Spires and Rice better get some pressure on Culpepper or it will be a long day for the Buc secondary.
Pick – Vikings

Tennessee at Pittsburgh
Roethlisberger could not have asked for a better confidence building game to start the season – at home no less. He will play well enough to win this one with help from Ward and Bettis. McNair will give his all as always, but he is getting long in the tooth. Anyone recognize a name on the Titan’s defense?
Pick – Steelers

Chicago at Washington
Is there any doubt? Poor Orton is not going to know what hit him. Look for the Skins defense to hit Thomas Jones so hard, that Julius feels it. Benson cries on the sideline not to have to go into the game. Ramsey, like Roethlisberger, will benefit from facing a weak opponent in week 1.
Pick – Redskins

Green Bay at Detroit
This is as close to a pick-em as there is this week. The Pack struggles in domes, but so do the Lions. Favre plays with passion (as always) and wins one for the folks back home, with help from Green, Driver and Walker.
Pick – Packers

Arizona at Giants
Warner gets the last laugh and lights up the Gnats with his many weapons. Eli on the other hand struggles against an improved Denny Green coached team.
Pick – Cardinals

Dallas at San Diego
Schottenheimer has his team ready (although missing Gates) and gives the Pukes a large dose of Tomlinson. Tomlinson will not disappoint and has a big day, as the Chargers show little ‘d’ how to play the 3-4.
Pick – Chargers

St. Louis at San Francisco
This one will not even be close. Nolan ought to start polishing up his resume — leave the Redskins off if you do not mind.
Pick – Rams

Indianapolis at Baltimore
This should be a fun game to watch. In the end, Payton, Harrison, Wayne, and Clark will score enough to win.
Pick – Colts

Philadelphia at Atlanta
This should be another great game — and a great way to start the season for Monday Night Football. Mora will scheme to shut down McNabb and Owens and the Eagles will struggle to find a way to muster any other offense. Meanwhile, Vick and Dunn wear down the Eagle defense.
Pick – Falcons

Last Week’s Results: 0-0
Season to Date: 0-0

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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