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On a beautiful August evening at our new location at FedEx Field (section A75 in the green lot), THN put the finishing touches on the 2005 tailgate pre-season. The star of the pre-season tailgate parties was undoubtedly THN’s new Freedom Grill. This grill mounts to your standard 2″ trailer hitch, and has a pivot arm that keeps the grill at a safe distance from your vehicle while your grilling up all your favorite tailgate food! If you haven’t seen one of these grills yet, you need to check it out at

Those of you that attended the tailgate parties in 2004 know that there was always a Hogette or two around. This year, THN has the pleasure of tailgating with ALL of the Hogettes each and every week. What better way to get ready for a game than to hang out with some of the world’s most reknowned football fans — the Hogettes.

What would a tailgate party be without good food? THN is also pleased to announce that Isaac’s Restaurant has agreed to sponsor us as well. Not only will Isaac’s be providing food for the tailgate but they have agreed to have two people at each game to help us prepare the food. A generous offer and an affiliation that takes THN’s tailgate to a new level. Together we hope to have enough food for everyone and at no cost to you, so get there early before the food’s all gone.

It was great to see all of the usual suspects at the tailgate… JansenFan, Niki, and Jackson. We were also joined by SkinsChic, Jake and Gibbshog during the pre-season. I also want to send a big thanks out to JP Fair for his generosity this pre-season. Thanks to JP, 4 Pop-Warner football players got to see their first NFL football game!! (Check out the pictures of them playing ball at FedEx) We hope that every member of THN will seek us out and sit down to some food in the parking lot before each game.

As with any good tailgate party, this year’s tailgate party has a cause attached to it. This year we are helping the Hogettes raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. Here’s how you can help us help them, and have a chance at winning Redskins club level season tickets and premium parking for the 2006 season. Stop by the THN tailgate party, grab a burger or a dog or both, and pick up you raffle tickets. Tickets are $25, as the Hogettes are only selling 1000 tickets, so your chances of winning are great and are much better than waiting for the Redskins to call you.

So get ready for September 11th, what better day to open the NFL season and join your fellow members and the Hogettes as we get our fist win over da Bears!!

See ya at the stadium.


Editor’s Note: THN has put together a whole new tailgating section for the website. As the tailgate grows, so does our obligation to cover it. This year we will not only be posting pictures of each week’s festivities, but we will have a couple of contests and will be posting some great tailgate recipes as well. Stay tuned and be sure to make the tailgate section part of your weekly web surfing.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Dan Hines

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