Hognostications: Week 2

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Week one was full of surprises and upsets, and they took their toll on week one’s Hognostications! The 49ers take first place, followed by the Saints and Miami.

New England at Carolina
The Panthers will try and rebound from a tough loss to the Saints, but they will fall short. The loss of DT Kris Jenkins is huge. Look for Dillon to have a big day.
Pick – Patriots

Detroit at Chicago
The Lions will face a raucous crowd at Soldier Field and will lose, as the Bears defense continues to play well.
Pick – Bears

Minnesota at Cincinnati
Culpepper will rebound from his worst performance as a pro and the Vike’s defense will improve.
Pick – Vikings

Pittsburgh at Houston
Although they’ve matched up well in the past, the Texans are in for a long day.
Pick – Steelers

Jacksonville at Indianapolis
The Colts defense really looked good against the Ravens. Has Dungy finally fixed it? Combine a good defense with that great offense and the Pats and other pretenders better look out.
Pick – Colts

San Francisco at Philadelphia
The Eagles will make up for Monday night’s loss and punish the 9ers.
Pick – Eagles

Buffalo at Tampa Bay
Cadillac’s ride wasn’t that rough after all. Gruden will continue to ride his Cadillac until the wheels come off.
Pick – Bucs

Baltimore at Tennessee
Jamal Lewis will have a huge day, as Anthony Wright gets his first start in 32 months replacing an injured Kyle Boller.
Pick – Ravens

St. Louis at Arizona
Here are two teams looking for their first win of the season. Arizona’s running game is dismal thanks to a work-in-progress offensive line. Warner will be forced to try and score through the air and will pay the price with sacks and turnovers.
Pick – Rams

Atlanta at Seattle
The Falcons defense looked very impressive at home against the Egirls. Don’t expect that to change on the road against the Seagulls. Hasselbeck is in for another rough day.
Pick – Falcons

San Diego at Denver
Marty won’t forget to use his workhorse LT this week. Denver is ailing on defense after losing to the lowly fish. Chump won’t start, but it wouldn’t matter anyway.
Pick – Chargers

Cleveland at Green Bay
Favre will get to prove he can indeed win without Javon Walker.
Pick – Packers

Miami at New York Jets
The Jets can’t be that bad can they?
Pick – Jets

Kansas City at Oakland
The Chiefs can’t be that good can they? Turner will find a way to lose another, as the Chiefs defense proves it’s for real. Lack of discipline and penalties will continue to plague the Raiders.
Pick – Chiefs

New Orleans Saints at New York Giants
The Gnats won’t take the Saints lightly and will take advantage of the schedule change.
Pick – Giants

Washington at Dallas
Does the Hognosticator pick with his head or his heart? His heart of course! The Skins show more heart and win. Trust in Gibbs!
Pick – Redskins

Last Week’s Results: 7-9
Season To Date: 7-9

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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