Hognostications: Week 3

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The more predictable results of week 2 allowed the Hognosticator to get his record back above .500. This weekend ended with a couple of Brunell’s arrows striking directly through the hearts of Cowboy fans everywhere, and the superb defensive play from the Redskins have made the entire season—regardless of outcomes—worthwhile. Week 3 may be a merciful bye week for Houston, Detroit and Baltimore, but it could not be a better two weeks to be a Redskin fan.

Atlanta at Buffalo
If Vick’s injured hamstring does not heal, it will cost the Falcons their division title, and moreover, a playoff berth. Mora should rest Vick and get him healthy. Meanwhile, the Bills will play well enough to win.
Pick – Bills

Cincinnati at Chicago
The combination of Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson and Rudi Johnson is much better than any combination the Detroit Lions can put on the field. Marvin Lewis also has his defense playing well.
Pick – Bengals

Tampa Bay at Green Bay
What has happened to the Pack? There is no Favre or Lambeau magic this year. The Cadillac leads the league in rushing and continues to motor.
Pick – Bucs

Cleveland at Indianapolis
The Browns got their very first win at Lambeau in week 2. Crennel has them playing well, but they will not be able to score enough to win on the road this week.
Pick – Colts

Carolina at Miami
Fox will not let the Panthers forget about the week 1 lapse against the Saints. The Dolphins offense will continue to struggle, led by Frerrotte and with no run support from Ronnie Brown (who is averaging 2.7 yard per carry).
Pick – Panthers

New Orleans at Minnesota
The road-weary Saints come into Minnesota on a short week and their nomadic tendencies will hand Tice a much-needed victory.
Pick – Vikings

Jacksonville at New York Jets
Donovin Darius is lost for the season and Leftwich is nicked, but so is Curtis Martin. Look for Fred Taylor to have a big day.
Pick – Jaguars

Oakland at Philadelphia
In what will be the showdown between Moss and Owens, Owens will prove he is the better receiver with help from McNabb and the Egirls defense.
Pick – Egirls

Tennessee at St. Louis
The Titans may have shut down the Ravens’ offense, but they will not have as much success against the Rams’ offense.
Pick – Rams

Dallas at San Francisco
As tempting as it is, and as happy as it would make Redskin fans, there is just no way to pick the 9ers this week.
Pick – Pukes

Arizona at Seattle
Shaun Alexander will have a big day and open things up for Hasselbeck, Jackson and Engram.
Pick – Seahawks

New England at Pittsburgh
Although it is early, the simple truth is that one team is having success running the ball, and the other is not.
Pick – Steelers

New York Giants at San Diego
This is more of a wishful pick than anything else, but this is the week the Chargers must get it together.
Pick – Chargers

Kansas City at Denver
Can someone tell me how the Broncos are favored in this game? The Chiefs have twice the talent on both sides of the ball and should win easily.
Pick – Chiefs

Last Week’s Results: 10-6
Season to Date: 17-15

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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