Hognostications: Week 4

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Week three was pretty predictable with the exception of the Dolphins getting a big win at home against the Panthers. On to week number four’s selections…

Houston at Cincinnati
Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson are the real deal. The Bengal defense is scary good, picking off Orton five times last week. The Texans will wish they were still on their bye week. When was the last time the Bengals were favored by 9.5?
Pick – Bengals

Denver at Jacksonville
The Broncos made the Hognosticator and Chiefs look bad on Monday Night….but, the Broncos are on the short week. Taking the Jags at home.
Pick – Jaguars

San Diego at New England
If they can beat the Steelers on the road, they can beat the Chargers at home.
Pick – Patriots

Buffalo at New Orleans
Saints continue to turn the ball over to a banged up Bill defense.
Pick – Bills

St. Louis at New York Giants
An interesting match up to watch will be rookie, first round RT Alex Barron getting his first start on the road against Strahan. Watch out Bulger. The Gnats will snap back from the pounding taken from L.T. and the Chargers.
Pick – Gnats

Detroit at Tampa Bay
The Lions won’t be able to stop the Cadillac.
Pick – Bucs

Indianapolis at Tennessee
The Colts defense is playing too well to lose to the Titans. Manning and company score enough to win.
Pick – Colts

Seattle at Washington
The Redskins will stuff Alexander and force Hasselbeck and his not so sure handed receivers to beat ‘em. Buckle up, ladies, this ain’t no redbird defense.
Pick – Redskins

New York Jets at Baltimore
Who cares?
Pick – Ravens

Minnesota at Atlanta
Culpepper will return to turning the ball over against the pressure-packed Falcon defense.
Pick – Falcons

Philadelphia at Kansas City
The Chiefs tried to prove Monday Night they were for real. The Egirls, even without a kicker, will prove the Chiefs are not on Sunday.
Pick – Eagles

Dallas at Oakland
The Pukes got lucky as usual, and barely got out of San Fran with a win. How much fun would it have been to see Parcels after a second straight loss and to the 9ers no less? Norv Turner flat out can’t coach and will figure out a way to lose this one.
Pick – Dallas

San Francisco at Arizona
The redbirds can’t score, the 9ers can. The 9ers showed up for the game against the pukes, look for them to do the same this week.
Pick – 49ers

Green Bay at Carolina
The Panthers will add to the misery in Green Bay, as they try to right their own ship.
Pick – Panthers

Last Week’s Results: 10-4
Season To Date: 27-19

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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