Hognostications: Week 6

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Week five – Ouch! Week five made the Hognosticator look like an SI expert. In hindsight the bad picks were Miami at Buffalo, Baltimore at Detroit and Houston hosting Tennessee. Baltimore and Houston are just plain terrible. Also, a Redskin fan should know not to pick against Vinny Testaverde. Obviously, knowledge of Michael Vick’s absence would have changed many picks to the World Champs.

Cleveland at Baltimore
Dilfer and Bryant continue their improved attack, as Billick dusts off his resume.
Pick – Browns

Minnesota at Chicago
The Vikings have been outscored 67-18 away from home so far this season. With a win and a Lion loss, the Bears would be leading their sad excuse for a division.
Pick – Da Bears

New York Giants at Dallas
Sadly, the pukes win another at home.
Pick – Pukes

Carolina at Detroit
On paper this one shouldn’t even be close.
Pick – Panthers

Washington at Kansas City
Who would have thought the rushing defense would be the concern in week 6? How ‘bout giving Arrington a shot? We’re still paying him to play this season.
Pick – Chiefs

Atlanta at New Orleans
On top of losing to the Pack 3-52, the Saints lose McAllister probably for the year. The Falcons are ailing as well, but find a way to win this one.
Pick – Falcons

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh
This should be the best game of the week with two great hard-hitting defenses. The Steelers are playing better on the offensive side of the ball, assuming Roethlisberger is healthy enough to play, and at home should win.
Pick – Steelers

Miami at Tampa
The return of Ricky is not enough to help the often-penalized Phins.
Pick – Bucs

Cincinnati at Tennessee
The Bengal defense is ranked third in the league, giving up only 12.2 points per game, while their offense is scoring twice that.
Pick – Bengals

New York Jets at Buffalo
The Bills pass defense is ranked first in the league, giving up only 139 yards per game. Milloy and company will shut down Vinny and the Jets. Is picking against Vinny again a smart idea?
Pick – Bills

New England at Denver
Take the over. This one ought to be high scoring, as the talented Bronco backfield goes against the porous Patriot run defense, and the talented Patriot air attack goes against the lowly ranked Bronco pass defense. Certainly, the sun will be shining!
Pick – Patriots

San Diego at Oakland
The Chargers come off a short week and a close loss on Monday night to a strong Steeler team; fortunately it’s a short trip. The Raiders come off a bye-week hangover and lose.
Pick – Chargers

Houston at Seattle
The only thing worse than the Texan defense is their offense. The Texans (and this hurts, as they are the Hognosticator’s AFC team of choice) are the worst team in the league.
Pick – Seahawks

St. Louis at Indianapolis
Will Martz return? Although many Ram fans might disagree, his absence will hurt the Rams for this game and perhaps the rest of the season. This could be the game that the Colt offense puts up their once customary numbers.
Pick – Colts

Last Week’s Results: 7-7
Season To Date: 43-31

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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