Hognostications: Week 7

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Now that’s more like it! If only Roethlisberger had started. I should have picked the Denver ground game over the New England passing attack in Denver. Week 7 promises to be a much tougher week, the Colts being the only ‘lock’, followed by, dare I say (forgive me Coach Gibbs) the Skins?

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
With the Bengals at home and Roethlisberger dinged, this should be Cincy’s week.
Pick – Bengals

Detroit at Cleveland
Off the field pressures continue to weigh on Harrington.
Pick – Browns

Indianapolis at Houston
Leinert or Bush will be in Houston next season. Hopefully Leinert, sorry Carr.
Pick – Colts

Kansas City at Miami
Jason Taylor may not play. The Chiefs find a way to win another.
Pick – Chiefs

Green Bay at Minnesota
Despite his past struggles in Minnesota, Favre delivers.
Pick – Packers

San Diego at Philadelphia
After two weeks of preparation and thinking about the spanking they took at the hands of the pukes, the Eagles bring their ‘A’ game….or maybe not.
Pick – Eagles

New Orleans at St. Louis
Bulger’s doubtful and without Martz, look for the Saints to get the ‘W’.
Pick – Saints

San Francisco at Washington
Apologies to the rush defense, as they played well in KC. Let’s get out with a win and our health. The schedule gets tough from here on out.
Pick – Skins

Dallas at Seattle
Go Seahawks!
Pick – Seahawks

Tennessee at Arizona
The ‘who cares’ pick of the week.
Pick – Titans

Baltimore at Chicago
In the battle of two good defenses, the Bears win a close one at home.
Pick – Bears

Denver at New York Giants
Can the Broncos be as good as they seem? The Giants aren’t.
Pick – Broncos

Buffalo at Oakland
Randy’s ailing. The Bills have the best pass defense in the league, and the Raiders can’t run the ball. This is an important game for the Bills.
Pick – Bills

New York Jets at Atlanta
Favor the Falcons at home.
Pick – Falcons

Last Week’s Results: 11-3
Season To Date: 54-34

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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