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Hognostications: Week 9

By Frank Hastings | November 2nd, 2005

What a long week to belong to the Redskin Nation. That was an embarrassing loss that can only be erased with a win this week against Philthy. Besides the home team let- down, Denver and St. Louis continue to impress, while it’s the same ole same ole for the Vikes, Pack, Lions, Browns and Titans. Thanks to the 9ers for handing the Bucs a conference loss. Also special thanks for all the well wishes on the latest addition to the Texas Hog family. Everyone is doing great!

Cincinnati at Baltimore
Jamal Lewis continues to run like he doesn’t want to get hurt and even went so far as to say so.
Pick – Bengals

Tennessee at Cleveland
As hard as it is to pick the Browns, I have to pick them at home and with the better defense.
Pick – Browns

Houston at Jacksonville
The Texans still stink.
Pick – Jags

Oakland at Kansas City
This is always an easy pick. The Faiders never win in KC. Look for Holmes and Larry Johnson to have a big day rushing.
Pick – Chiefs

Atlanta at Miami
This is probably the toughest pick of the week. The Fish could pull off the upset, but I like the Falcon defense and running game.
Pick – Falcons

Detroit at Minnesota
This is the surprise pick of the week. At home and with Brad Johnson at the helm, look for the Vikes to win a close one. Plus, Harrington may start.
Pick – Vikes

San Diego at New York Jets
The Jets have the 30th ranked rush defense. Look for LT and the rest of the Charger offense to have a big day and put up a bunch of points.
Pick – Chargers

Carolina at Tampa Bay
The Panther’s rushing defense will force Simms to beat them. It won’t happen.
Pick – Panthers

Seattle at Arizona
Alexander will continue his dominance over the Cards and pad his stats, helping his campaign for a new (well deserved) contract. The Hawks continue to roll.
Pick – Seahawks

Chicago at New Orleans
Haslett said it best – they’re a bad football team.
Pick – Bears

New York Giants at San Francisco
The 9ers will be starting their fourth-string QB. At least they’ll have an excuse if they get shut out and flat out spanked!
Pick – Giants

Pittsburgh at Green Bay
Roethlisberger is hobbled but will surely play, and he and the Steelers will, as usual, play just well enough to win.
Pick – Steelers

Philadelphia at Washington
As bad as Philthy is playing, it’s still hard to find a reason to pick the Skins. Who besides me will hate hearing N.D. Kalu’s name over and over, with Samuel’s being out or at least hobbled? The Skins have lost 3 of their last 4 and haven’t beaten the Eagles since 11/25/01 (seven in a row). That doesn’t change Sunday.
Pick – Philthy

Indianapolis at New England
Think the Colts will be fired up for his one? The Colts will finally get their win over the Pats. Their first since October 2000.
Pick – Colts

Last Week’s Results: 9-5
Season To Date: 70-46

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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