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Hognostications: Week 11

By Frank Hastings | November 16th, 2005

What an emotional roller coaster this season is turning out to be. As hard as I try to keep this ‘game’ we so enjoy in perspective, I have to admit that games like last Sunday’s leave me in a funk that can only be cured by either time or a victory over a competitive opponent. Do the Faiders at home qualify? No, they don’t. I know every victory in this league is well earned and deserved, but until we beat the Chargers my dark cloud still looms over a victory stolen by some of the worse officiating I’ve ever seen. It sure would be nice if the league would worry less about what color shoes and socks players wear and more about getting the calls right on the field.

Time to run the table and it starts against a former coach that put so many of us in this same kind of funk for years on end.

As far as last week’s picks are concerned – The Pack over Atlanta at home and the Vikes over the Gnats in Flushing? Are you kidding me?

Tampa Bay at Atlanta
The Bucs don’t get to travel with their own officiating crew do they?
Pick – Falcons

Pittsburgh at Baltimore
Look for Cowher to turn the Duce loose.
Pick – Steelers

Carolina at Chicago
It will be sad to see one of these teams’ winning streak come to an end. The Bears are good, but can’t put up enough points to win this one.
Pick – Panthers

Miami at Cleveland
The ‘who cares’ pick of the week.
Pick – Dolphins

Detroit at Dallas
Unfortunately, pukes win easily. This may not be such a bad thing. They’ll be reading their own press clippings and make it a pleasurable Turkey Day.
Pick – Pukes

New Orleans at Patriots
The Pats still lead their division, while the Saints have lost five straight and seven of their last eight.
Pick – Patriots

Philadelphia at New York Giants
The Gnats rebound, as Philthy continues to plummet.
Pick – Giants

Arizona at St. Louis
Here’s another ‘who cares’ pick.
Pick – Rams

Jacksonville at Tennessee
The Jags have beaten every bad team they’ve played. Look for that to continue.
Pick – Jaguars

Oakland at Washington
Coach Williams will scheme to shut their Moss down, as our Moss will make more big plays. Please, no blitzing Springs!
Pick – Redskins

Seattle at San Francisco
Alexander continues to work on his rushing title and his big -and well deserved – contract.
Pick – Seahawks

Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Both teams come in rested after bye weeks. The Edge and company have a big game against the Bungles’ 24th ranked rushing defense.
Pick – Colts

New York Jets at Denver
No contest.
Pick – Broncos

Buffalo at San Diego
The Chargers try to keep pace with the Broncos.
Pick – Chargers

Last Week’s Results: 10-4
Season To Date: 93-51

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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