Hognostications: Week 12

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This Redskin team has the Hognosticator so emotionally distraught, he’s forgetting to submit all of the picks. For the record, last week’s overlooked picks were KC and Green Bay.

After getting beat at home last week by a bad team and a bad coach, now we get to look forward to a good coach with a good team in Schottenheimer’s return to Landover. Gibbs and his staff will have the Skins motivated to prove they’re not the pretenders everyone has labeled them to be. The question is, can they avoid the turnovers, protect Brunell, generate the pass rush and create the turnovers necessary to play better than .500 ball? Sadly, I don’t think so.

Atlanta at Detroit
Vick likes the national spotlight and will perform accordingly.
Pick – Falcons

Denver at Dallas
At home, Bledsoe, Glenn, Johnson and Whitten are going to have a big game against Chump and his 28th ranked pass defense forcing the Broncos out of their rushing game comfort zone.
Pick – Pukes

Carolina at Buffalo
Fox and company will rebound after losing to the Bears. Look for Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster to have a big day against the Bills lousy rush defense.
Pick – Panthers

Baltimore at Cincinnati
The Bengals won’t show their appreciation to the Raisins for beating the Steelers on Sunday and end up with the division lead after Monday night.
Pick – Bengals

St. Louis at Houston
This is the ‘who cares’ pick of the week. At least were not Ram fans.
Pick – Rams

New England at Kansas City
Some are saying Vermeil may not make it through the season before calling it quits. It’s time for the Chiefs late season decline and the Pats late season resurgence.
Pick – Pats

Cleveland at Minnesota
Can you believe the Vikes are in the running for the NFC wildcard?
Pick – Vikes

Chicago at Tampa Bay
This ought to be a great game. The Bears’ winning streak has to end sometime doesn’t it? The Bucs take advantage of being at home.
Pick – Bucs

San Francisco at Tennessee
The Titans have to be licking their chops with the 9er QB carousel coming to town.
Pick – Titans

San Diego at Washington
Besides the abovementioned, injuries (and the lack of depth to deal with them) at wide receiver, d-line, and special teams won’t help the Skins as they try to get over their losing ways.
Pick – Chargers

Jacksonville at Arizona
Warner won’t play as well against a tough Jag defense.
Pick – Jaguars

Miami at Oakland
The Faiders win another against the struggling Phish.
Pick – Raiders

Green Bay at Philadelphia
Who would have thought this would be a ‘who cares’ pick?
Pick – Eagles

New York Giants at Seattle
Seattle continues to roll and will take care of business at home. Joe Jurevicius should have a big day.
Pick – Seahawks

New Orleans at New York Jets
A record third ‘who cares’ pick of the week – on Sunday night no less.
Pick – Jets

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
The return of the McRoethlisberger won’t be enough, and Indy steps one step closer to the history books. I, for one, would like to see the ’72 Phish record broken.
Pick – Colts

Last Week’s Results: 9-7
Season To Date: 102-58

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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