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Hognostications: Week 14

By Frank Hastings | December 7th, 2005

Things are really starting to get interesting for the Redskin faithful. Will the offensive line finally start to gel and get their wish of dictating to defensive fronts, rushing early and often? Wouldn’t it be nice for this team to find that so often talked about identity of a rushing powerhouse offense and dominate the line of scrimmage like the good old days with the Hogs? I dream of the day when third and short is again a gimme for our rushing game.

That said, here’s to rooting for the opponents of the Bucs, Pukes, Falcons and Vikes from here on out.

New England at Buffalo
This will be an interesting match up of the league’s 31st ranked pass defense of the Patriots versus the leagues’ 31st ranked rush defense of the Bills. Corey Dillon is back and healthy and the Patriot defense has to start playing better at some point this late in the season. Look for Belichick to play a ball control and attempt to dominate time of possession.
Pick – Pats

Tampa Bay at Carolina
If only the Skins had Carolina’s schedule this season. They were, however, able to beat the Bucs in Tampa; they’ll beat ‘em again at home.
Pick – Panthers

Cleveland at Cincinnati
How could I have been so foolish to pick the Skid marks last week?
Pick –Bungles

Indianapolis at Jacksonville
The Colts will have some tape to review on Garrard and will continue their dominance.
Pick – Colts

St. Louis at Minnesota
Hopefully the Rams can pull off the upset. With this Ram loss however, Seattle clinches their division (regardless of their outcome).
Pick – Vikes

Oakland at New York Jets
With the playoffs out of reach, the Faiders will start Tuiasosopo, who becomes a free agent after this season. Look for him to go out with something to prove and play well enough to win against the hapless Jets. It’ll be interesting to see where Collins is playing next season.
Pick – Faiders

Chicago at Pittsburgh
Talk about a smash mouth football game. This one ought to be fun to watch. Which team can dominate the line of scrimmage and run the ball? The Bear defense will shut down the Steeler offense, while the Bear offense scores enough points to give the Steelers their fourth straight loss.
Pick – Bears

Houston at Tennessee
‘Who cares’ pick of the week.
Pick – Titans

Washington at Arizona
The Cards lead the league in passing yards per game (280.5) and are scoring on average 19.9 point per game. They also beat the Rams in St. Louis with Bulger a few weeks back. Remarkably, the Cards have loss 15 players to injury so far this season. Although most of us have marked this one up as a ‘w’ on our projections, don’t be surprised if this one is closer than you think.
Pick – Redskins

New York Giants at Philadelphia
Now that Westbrook is on the shelf, Philthy can start working on their draft.
Pick – Gnats

San Francisco at Seattle
This is another game that could be closer than people think. Will the Hawks take the week off or look past the 9ers? They’d sure come back down to earth and take a beating in the press if they did. Can’t see it.
Pick – Hawks

Kansas City at Dallas
Picking the Pukes seems to be working. I’ll pick the pukes and as always, be thrilled if they get beat. It’ll be interesting to see if the Puke defense can stop the run. If they can’t, look for Parcells to lose it.
Pick – Pukes

Baltimore at Denver
It looks like Ray Lewis could be done for the season and is on the downside of his career. Maybe he and T.O. could move to Tahiti together? They’d make a cute couple don’t you think?
Pick – Broncos

Miami at San Diego
The Chargers know how important this game is and won’t lose.
Pick – Chargers

Detroit at Green Bay
‘Who cares II’ – should Favre still be playing at this point in the Packer’s season? I think not.
Pick – Pack

New Orleans at Atlanta
The Falcons have lost 3 of their last four after a good start to the season. Here’s hoping they drop another, but I don’t see it.
Pick – Falcons

Last Week’s Results: 12-4
Season To Date: 125-67

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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