Hognostications: Week 15

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This is a very tough week to Hognosticate as some teams jockey for playoff position, while others play meaningless games looking for motivation.

Tampa Bay at New England
Brady’s nicked, the Buc defense is playing great and the weather won’t be a factor. How ‘bout the year Galloway is having with the likes of Sims and Griese? You gotta like a guy who was an expensive bust for the Pukes succeeding elsewhere.
Pick – Bucs

Kansas City at New York Giants
Unfortunately, I think the Gnats will be too tough for the Chiefs at Giants Stadium.
Pick – Gnats

Denver at Buffalo
The Broncos ought to produce some huge numbers on the ground against the Bills’ weak rush defense. Here’s an interesting stat: the Bronco defense is 2nd in the league against the run and 29th against the pass, even with Chump’s career high seven picks.
Pick – Broncos

Arizona at Houston
Without question the ‘who cares’ pick of the week. The Cards played us tough last week and won’t repeat the turnover nightmare.
Pick – Cardinals

San Diego at Indianapolis
How could the Chargers lose such an important game at home to the Phish? I’d like to see the Colts play for 16-0 and get it.
Pick – Colts

San Francisco at Jacksonville
Turns out Garrard can play. The ‘9ers are 16 point dogs against a QB starting his second game as a pro….that’s just sad. The ‘9ers should fire Nolan and bring back Mooch.
Pick – Jags

New York Jets at Miami
The Phish will repay the Jets for a loss earlier in the season. How strange for the Phish to get shut out by the Browns three weeks back, then put together three straight wins against Oakland away, the Bills at home, and most impressively the Chargers on the road. All in all, looks like a .500 season for Saban….not bad.
Pick – Phish

Pittsburgh at Minnesota
With the exception of the fluke win in New York, the Vikes haven’t beaten a good team all season. This week they get brought back down to earth.
Pick – Steelers

Carolina at New Orleans
The Panthers got their wake up call last week.
Pick – Panthers

Philadelphia at St. Louis
‘Who cares’ II game of the week. Philthy continues to play tough, even though their season is shot.
Pick – Philthy

Seattle at Tennessee
The Titans have gone nine quarters without a TD – four against the lowly Texans. This ought to be an easy win for the Hawks, even if they are on the road.
Pick – Hawks

Cincinnati at Detroit
Rumor of the day – Jimmy Johnson is flirting with a job with the Lions and would require full personnel control – ousting Millen. With a QB and a decent coach, the Lions have the talent to challenge their division. Of course, I’d like to see Johnson do about as well as he did in Miami.
Pick – Bungles

Cleveland at Oakland
Although I hate to ever pick the Brownies, the Faiders won’t win another game this season, and Norv’s sent packing. How could we lose to this team?
Pick – Brownies

Dallas at Washington
Although all games against the Pukes are meaningful, it’s hard to remember one of such importance in recent years, particularly this late in the season. The injuries in the secondary are very concerning. Hopefully Taylor will be used to take away the big play, without them, Skins win.
Pick – Washington Redskins!

Atlanta at Chicago
A tough pick. This should be a low scoring affair, with Vick making just enough plays to win.
Pick – Falcons

Green Bay at Baltimore
The Raisins play well enough to win at home.
Pick – Raisins

Last Week’s Results: 12-4
Season To Date: 137-71

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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