Hognostications: Week 16

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Never have I been more proud to be a die-hard Redskin fan. The sweep of Dallas this season and the fashion in which it was done, is something I will never forget. Stealing an upset win on the night of the ‘big’ three toilet ring induction and then trouncing the Pukes in mid-December with playoff implications; it’s hard to get much better than that.

Dallas at Carolina
The Pukes won’t recover from their most demoralizing defeat in years. Quit, Man Boobs, quit!
Pick – Panthers

Buffalo at Cincinnati
Carson Palmer is a stud, and you’ve got to feel good for no-nonsense, Marvin Lewis. Fear the Tiger!
Pick – Bungles

Pittsburgh at Cleveland
The Steelers are fighting for their Wildcard lives and have won their last two against two hot teams (Bears and Vikings). Cowher will have them fired up, not that it’ll take much.
Pick – Steelers

Jacksonville at Houston
How could the Texans not have found a way to lose to the Cardinals last week? I knew McNair bringing in Reeves was a mistake and now it could have cost them Reggie Bush.
Pick – Jags

San Diego at Kansas City
The loser of this one (the Chiefs) will be out of the playoff picture. Amazingly, the Chargers could go 11-5 and still not get in. How critical was that game-fart against the Phish in week 14?
Pick – Chargers

Tennessee at Miami
After getting shut out by the lowly Brownies, the Phish have won four in a row, including the impressive win over the Chargers on the road. The Titans on the other hand have won four games, two against the Texans and one against the ‘9ers and the Ravens.
Pick – Phish

Detroit at New Orleans
This is the ‘who cares’ pick of the season! Benson, please move them to San Antonio; Millen, quit already!
Pick – Saints

San Francisco at St. Louis
This sad-excuse of a ‘9er team is now ranked last in the league on both offense and defense. The San Fran franchise has hit rock bottom. Hiring Nolan, we all knew, was a mistake, and Alex Smith has shown no sign of a promising future.
Pick – Rams

Atlanta at Tampa Bay
The Bucs beat the Falcons in Atlanta. They’ll beat them again in Tampa and knock the Falcons out of the playoff picture.
Pick – Bucs

New York Giants at Washington
This is going to be fun! The Skins defense will dominate this week after being embarrassed by the Gnats in week eight. Coach Gibbs will figure out a way to take advantage of the Gnats poor pass defense and the offense will answer the defense’s intensity with some good old smash mouth football.
Pick – Washington Redskins!

Philadelphia at Arizona
Here’s the second ‘who cares’ pick of the week. The Cardinal offensive line is terrible. They can’t run the ball. McCown will start for the injured Warner and will be in for a very long day.
Pick – Philthy

Oakland at Denver
This one could be real ugly. The Broncos will run all over the Faiders. In consecutive weeks the Faiders have lost to the Brownies and the Jets. Again, how could we have let this lousy team beat us at home? That loss could be the one that haunts our playoff dreams.
Pick – Broncos

Indianapolis at Seattle
The Colts rest, while the Hawks get one step closer to home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Too bad the Colts lost last week, as this one would have been fun to watch.
Pick – Hawks

Chicago at Green Bay
The Bears beat the Pack with Orton; they’ll kill them with Grossman. Even Favre’s receivers are quitting on him. Rodgers should be starting, and Favre should quit padding his consecutive start record.
Pick – Bears

Minnesota at Baltimore
I’ll be rooting for the Raisins to knock Smoot and company out of the playoff race, but the Vikes prevail.
Pick – Vikes

New England at New York Jets
Fans at the stadium will have to watch this one sober, as apparently, Jets fans can’t hold their liquor. I’d drink heavily too, if I were a Jets fan. So much for Brady being nicked last week. Don’t look now, but here come the Pats.
Pick – Pats

Last Week’s Results: 12-4
Season To Date: 149-75

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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