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Up next in the team needs features for the draft section are the New Orleans Saints. THN will be filling in all of the needs’ pages throughout February, so keep checking back for your favorite team.

New Orleans Saints

2005 Results: 3-13, 4th in NFC South
2006 Projected Cap Status: $89,800,000

2005 Season Recap:

When Katrina struck and ravaged New Orleans, the Saints moved their base of operations to San Antonio. Despite being displaced and playing their first “home opener” in New York the Saints started the season 2-3 and were on the verge of salvaging a .500 record. But back-to-back losses to Atlanta and St. Louis pretty much did them in. New Orleans closed the season losing eight of their final nine games. Hopefully free agents will come to the city of New Orleans

Team Needs:

1. Quarterback: Former QB coach Sean Payton is the new Head coach and has already looked past Aaron Brooks. They have the No. 2 pick in the draft, and GM M. Loomis wants to use the pick on a quarterback if he can’t sign Drew Brees.

2. Offensive line: Look at the left side of the line and you have T Wayne Gandy who is 35 and G Kendyl Jacox who has had knee problems the last couple of years. Center LeCharles Bentley is now a Cleveland Brown.

3. Linebacker: No one comes to mind when you think LB and Saints, they could use a playmaker at any of the linebacker spots. Ronald McKinnon and T.J. Slaughter were their best linebackers

2006 Draft Picks:
1st Round –2nd Overall

Free agency status:

UFA: SLB James Allen; C LeCharles Bentley; CB Fakhir Brown; WR Az-Zahir Hakim; TE Lamont Hall; SLB Sedrick Hodge; DE Darren Howard; WR/KR Michael Lewis; RB Fred McAfee; MLB Ronald McKinnon; SS Mel Mitchell; SLB T.J. Slaughter; RB Antowain Smith; RB Anthony Thomas; DT Willie Whitehead; DT Cedric Woodard..
RFA: TE Zach Hilton; OG Montrae Holland.
ERFA: LB Terrence Melton

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