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Up next in the team needs features for the draft section are the San Francisco 49ers. THN will be filling in all of the needs’ pages throughout April; so keep checking back for your favorite team.

San Francisco 49ers

2005 Results: 4-12, 4th in NFC West
2006 Projected Cap Status: $18,000,000M under the cap

2005 Season Recap:

While the 49ers showed flashes of brilliance under rookie head coach Mike Nolan, they mostly showed their inexperience and lack of playmakers. The 2005 season had a few highs – beating the Rams and Bucs come to mind – but mostly they showed that Alex Smith was a rookie who needs work. While the lack of talent around him was a factor, Smith had a person in Brandon Lloyd who has the ability to make spectacular catches. Unfortunately, the 49ers were unable to take advantage. The defense played well some games, while in others did not seem to show up. This team needs people on both sides of the ball to step up and make plays, or Bay area fans will have another long season in front of them.

Team Needs:

1) Outside Linebacker: The 49ers 3-4 scheme needs pass rushing linebackers to be effective. Andre Carter was a defensive end who had trouble making the switch, and as a result, he left town without a major push by the team to retain him. Not having addressed this need so late in the off-season means the Niners will likely address this need in the draft.

2) Tight End: Every young quarterback needs a good safety valve: someone who will be open, someone who will provide Alex Smith with a big target and will not drop the ball. In Antonio Bryant, the Niners have a guy with speed that can stretch the field. Arnaz Battle is a decent number two, but a big tight end with sure hands is something that will benefit Smith greatly.

3) Secondary: Assuming Mike Rumph returns to the cornerback ranks, San Francisco will have a serviceable group with Rumph, Shawntae Spencer and former Redskin Walt Harris. This opens up a big hole at free safety. If Rumph stays at free safety, the 49ers will want to add a solid cornerback to the group.

2006 Draft Picks:

Round 1 – #6 Overall
Round 2 – #37 Overall
Round 3 – #68 Overall
Round 3 – #84 Overall
Round 4 – #100 Overall
Round 5 – #140 Overall
Round 6 – #175 Overall
Round 6 – #192 Overall
Round 7 – #213 Overall
Round 7 – #236 Overall
Round 7 – #254 Overall

Free agency status:

UFA: Anderson, Marques-DB-UCLA; Beasley, Fred (to MIA)-RB-Auburn; Bush, Steve-RB-Arizona State; Carter, Andre (to WAS)-LB-California; Clement, Anthony-T-Louisiana-Lafayette; Hall, Travis-DE-Brigham Young; Jones, Terry (re-signed)-TE-Alabama; McAddley, Jason (re-signed)-WR-Alabama; Moore, Brandon (re-signed)-LB-Oklahoma; Nedney, Joe (re-signed)-K-San Jose State; Peterson, Julian (to SEA)-LB-Michigan State; Rasheed, Saleem-LB-Alabama; Richard, Kris (re-signed)-DB-Southern California

RFA: Dorsey, Ken-QB-Miami; Lloyd, Brandon (traded to WAS)-WR-Illinois

-Scott Hurrey

Editor’s Note: This is a re-published article. The previous article was posted late and its contents were no longer accurate. Thanks to 49ers fans for pointing it out, and thanks to Darren O’Brien for contributing to this article.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Scott Hurrey

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