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Team Draft Needs: Denver Broncos

By Christopher Allen | April 20th, 2006

Up next in the team needs features for the draft section are the Denver Broncos. THN will be filling in all of the needs’ pages throughout April, so keep checking back for your favorite (or least-favorite) team.

Denver Broncos

2005 Results: 13-3 (AFC West Champions)

2006 Projected Cap Status: $10.9M

2005 Season Recap:

Its funny to think that a team that won 14 of 16 games – which happened to be their best season in seven years – began with a lot of booing in their 1st home game. Bouncing back in the manner in which they did from a couple of losses early in the year showed the league that the season was going to be unique.

Team Needs:

1) Defensive Tackle – Gabe Watson is rumored to be favored by the Broncos to help Gerard Warren emerge as the probowl caliber player they believe he can be.

2) Quarterback – With the possibility to throwing their two first round picks into a package deal for Vince and Matt looking slim, you may see Denver wait until the middle of the day to snatch up Brodie Croyle.

3) Wide Receiver – The lack of depth behind the current crop of starters is a bit alarming for this ball club. The draft possibilities to sure up the ranks could include Santonio Holmes or Chad Jackson in the first round.

4) Safety – In the second round of the draft Daniel Bullocks and Darnell Bing would compliment the stable of CB’s Denver brought onboard last off-season.

5) Defensive End – The Broncos may decide to add some youth to their veteran line even after acquiring another former Brown, Kenard Lang.

2006 draft picks:

1 – 15th (from Atlanta)
1 – 22nd (from Washington)
2 – 61st
3 – 93rd
4 – 119th (from Washington)
4 – 126th
4 – 130th (Compensatory Selection)
5 – 161st
6 – 198th

Free Agency Status:

UFA – Burns, Keith (resigned); Chukwurah, Patrick; Coleman, Marco; Dayne, Ron (re-signed); Leach, Mike (re-signed); Pope, Monsanto; Warren, Gerard (re-signed)

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Christopher Allen

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