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Up next in the team needs features for the draft section are the Seattle Seahawks. THN will be filling in all of the needs’ pages throughout April; so keep checking back for your favorite team.

Seattle Seahawks

2005 Results: 13-3 (NFC Champions, Super Bowl runner-up)

2006 Projected Cap Status: $17.3M under

2005 Season Recap: In a season engulfed with setbacks, the Seattle Seahawks triumphed over adversity and made it to Super Bowl XL. Most of the season the Seahawks were without two of their best receivers in Bobby Engram and Darrell Jackson. The absence of two key players didn’t hurt QB Matt Hasselbeck’s game, as he earned the record for the best QB rating in the month of December – and subsequently earned a trip to Hawaii. Such a triumphant season had to come to an end and sadly it was a bad one. Seattle met up with the Steelers in Super Bowl XL and left with a loss in what many consider to be a game filled with controversy.

Team Needs:
1) Cornerback – Although Seattle has a decent CB corps they could use one more guy who is capable of being a starter. Marcus Trufant, Kelly Herndon, Jordan Babineaux and Jimmy Williams would be nicely complimented by a DB of Ty Law’s stature.

2) Safety – Ken Hamlin, although cleared by his doctors, has not been cleared by team doctors as being ready to play. Lance Schulters has met with team officials and could be a possible signing. Jordan Babineaux could also play FS.

3) Defensive End – Losing out on John Abraham and Andre Carter will force the Seahawks to address a need of depth via the draft. Re-signing Joe Tafoya adds a bit of depth to their two solid starters, but if one of them goes down Seattle could be in a jam.

2006 draft picks:
1 – 31st
2 – 63rd
3 – 95th
4 – 128th
5 – 163rd
6 – 200th
7 – 239th
7 – 240th

Free Agency Status:

UFA – S John Howell; RB Maurice Morris; P Tom Rouen.
RFA – PK Josh Brown; OT Wayne Hunter; QB Seneca Wallace
Transition Player: OG Steve Hutchinson (Seahawks did not match $49M/7 year offer from Vikings).

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