Power Rankings? Bah

Washington Commanders

It never ceases to amaze me when the mainstream sports media posts their \x93power rankings\x94 in May. No one has seen anything on the field other than OTAs and so basically, all they have to base their \x93analysis\x94 on, is the performance of last year’s team, taking into account the potential of the new players and loss of departed players. For that reason, I have to wonder how a team that made it to the second round of the playoffs and addressed ALL of their needs in the off-season can be ranked behind other teams that failed to make the playoffs last year. People often talk of an anti-Redskin bias in the media. The notion is fueled by the constant attacks from nearly every major writer and publication. I do not believe that it is actually an anti-Redskin sentiment, as much as it is an anti-Snyder sentiment. I say anti-Snyder because he is a stand-up owner who is willing to spend his money, willing to push the envelope to help his team and willing to let people know when their anonymous sources were wrong. Slowly, Joe Gibbs is bringing some of these media entities around, surviving the false claims of bad health and even more ridiculous claims that the game has passed him by. The Washington Redskins are beginning to look like the teams of yesteryear that most of us grew up watching. At some point, the talking heads will realize that in their disdain for Snyder, they have really made themselves look foolish. Unfortunately for them, the damage is already done. Most ‘skins fans already ignore them and their publications and networks anyway. Until that time, those same talking heads will always look at great moves as Snyder trying to buy a championship and as such, these power rankings will continue to be both perplexing and humorous. Nevertheless, do not worry; we will be here to show these people their \x93educated analysis\x94 come…

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