Washington Commanders

Hey. You. Yeah, you. Did you hear the rumor that Sean Taylor was caught driving his ATV through the halls of the Capitol Building? Or that Casey Rabach was found passed out in a D.C. alley wearing nothing but women’s underwear? Or about what Adam Archuleta said about Joe Gibbs’ mom? No? Yeah, me neither. In fact, aside from the small amount of controversy surrounding Taylor’s non-existent trial, it’s been awfully quiet this offseason. Abnormally quiet. Whether this lack of noise is an intentional effort from the Redskins front office, or whether it’s simply a byproduct of the type of character we have on this team, I don’t really care. I’m just enjoying it. As a father of two young boys, the quest for quiet is what my life is all about. Joe knows quiet. While Big Ben tries to write his name in the pavement with his teeth, Sean Taylor is sitting at home watching Sponge Bob reruns. While the Broncos punter is drinking ‘protein shakes’ so he can….punt…..better, Clinton Portis is planning his Week One press conference. While the letters ‘T’ and ‘O’ are on everyone’s lips, Jason Campbell is studying his playbook so hard I can smell the smoke from here. You barely hear anything about the ‘skins these days, except maybe an article or two once in awhile by a ‘sports writer’ who makes predictions that he’s hoping everyone will forget come December. It’s quiet. Too quiet, actually. So quiet that I expect that when the season begins, it’s going to get awfully loud, awfully quick. And not in the ‘Jamal Lewis caught selling drugs’ sense of loud. I mean the Sean Taylor’s helmet in your ear hole, Andre Carter’s hands on your quarterback, Santana Moss doing his little first down jig, Clinton Portis doing cartwheels in the end zone kind of loud. FedEx Field going nuts kind of loud. ‘We Want Dallas’ chants kind of loud. Real quick. My dad always told me to watch out for the quiet ones. They’re the guys who, instead of flapping their gums, are scheming of ways to knock your block off. You have to get the sense that with this offseason drenched in quiet, many minds are tucked away in Redskins Park, collectively scheming of ways to knock some blocks off. So, for now, I’m going to sit back and enjoy the quiet. Come September, it’s going to get loud. Very. Very. Loud. Loud enough for the whole world to…

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