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By Mark Solway | July 21st, 2006

I’ve tried to contain my impatience as I peruse over the ever-growing message board posts and media articles taking an opportunity to take their shots at the new Redskins Radio. Really… I’ve tried. I’ve actually bitten off so much of my tongue that all I can really say on the matter anymore is… ‘Lah, blah-bla…. yabba-labba-dabba… blah-ya-blah-blah.’ But it occurred to me that though I had ostensibly chewed my way out of having to talk about it, I still had the ability to pound on my keyboard. So it seems that no matter how I curb my passion for the subject physically, I can’t shake the thoughts. Therapy would probably point me in the direction of perhaps ‘venting my frustrations’ a little, so what better place than a blog? Isn’t that what blogs are all about? Mindless banter from the masses that prove bouts of hysteria, and even euphoria are rampant in the Internet community? What was I talking about again? I really only have one point to make on the actual subject; a point that precedes all else to me, and makes most arguments / conversations / discussions / debates about what will be on Redskins Radio in terms of content, completely moot. Here it is, ready? In order to listen to a radio, you use a tuner. A tuner allows you to choose radio stations by going to a certain frequency. At any point in your radio life, if you decide that you do not like what is coming out of your stereo, you have the unique ability to have your brain tell your hand to reach out towards the stereo thingy, find the mechanism that humans use to tune in radio frequencies… access those controls… AND CHANGE THE DAMN CHANNEL ❗ I don’t care if you do or you don’t think that the content on Redskins radio will be impartial and fair. I really don’t. I don’t care if you view this as some Orwellian attempt by the Redskins to systematically propagandize their intended audience either. Those are really big words for a simple football fan like me. I just thought that I owed it to simple-minded folk such as myself to take some of the grandiosity out of the equation, and make it easy for some of us. If you for any reason think that you as a Redskin fan will find something that you find interesting on Redskins Radio, then you can tune in on your radio, or log in from their web site. If you have one or any number of reasons for not tuning in, you can turn the channel and find something more to your liking. Wicked, huh? Isn’t being human and having the ability to think and make choices awesome? It really doesn’t matter what the dynamics of it are, or how the station will handle their business, you can change the channel at any point if you don’t like something. Simple. I personally think that I’ll like some of what the station offers… at least in terms of Redskin specific content. Taking Bram Weinstein from 980 was a brilliant stroke. The bulk of the media attention has obviously been on John Riggins, but adding Bram gives them the best Redskins beat reporter around, in my opinion. I’m actually looking forward to the type of coverage he will bring to Redskin fans with such unprecedented access. I’ll likely opt to not listen to most of the ESPN coverage myself. It’s neat having that prerogative huh? I’m comfortable and confident in my own decision-making ability too. If at some point, I come to the realization that integrity is an issue, then I’ll have to take my Redskins Radio coverage with a grain of salt, or not at all. I already have to take everything I read with a grain of salt anyway, but for completely different reasons. As a fan I’ve grown accustomed to the premise that sensationalism has more place in sports journalism than integrity, so I’m well practiced. I know that there’s news, and then there’s ‘spin’. And until the integrity of the positive ‘spin’ is compromised, I look forward to listening to Redskin Radio. Thanks for tuning…

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