Washington Commanders

I’m going to start this blog with a warning. The month of July has been extremely stressful for everyone in my household. Things seem to hit us out of no where and at this point we are struggling to see the silver lining in the rain clouds. That being said, this particular issue did not start in July, it started quite a while back. Perhaps the last few weeks have pushed me to have this cynical attitude or maybe it was something already in the making that I’m just letting out because I personally do not care about whose toes I step on at this point. Being a football fan can be a pretty expensive hobby. Tickets cost a fortune and, for some, are impossible to come by. The last few years we have been lucky. We’ve gotten tickets from family and friends and been able to see quite a few games in person. Some of the biggest fans that I know cannot go to games. They either live too far away or have families to support and cannot justify the expense of the tickets you find on ebay or with ticket brokers. That does not make them inferior fans. So here finally is the point, you are NOT better because you have ‘lower level’ seats. You are NOT better because you have all of the latest tailgating paraphernalia! Nothing that you do, have, or can acquire can make you a better fan. Being a fan isn’t about your STUFF! Being a fan is about how you feel when you see that touchdown or how your heart sinks when you lose. If you don’t feel those things, I don’t want you in my stadium. I know I’m a little forward to call it my stadium. It’s not the price of the tickets that make me feel like I have part ownership in this team. It’s all about that love and that feeling. So here are a few things you can ask yourself and if any of them apply, please give your tickets to a member of THN who is an actual fan. If you have trouble determining whether or not this person is worthy, just ask, some of us around here are not shy and will flat out tell you what we think. If you have EVER: Told someone who did not ask how much you spent on tickets, a jersey, a hat….etc. Bought tickets, a car, a motorcycle, anything only so that you could hear yourself say you have it. Spent more then one series away from your seats for anything that was not a life threatening illness. Not attended a game because it was too cold, hot, wet, snowy, frigid…. Etc. Gone to a game without so much as a stitch of burgundy or gold on your clothing/body or person. (And this one is somewhat conditional. I do not doubt that there are some fans with premium tickets who actually love the team, however; the majority of people in these seats do not love anyone but themselves. ) Own Club Level or Dream Seats. If any of the above identify you, PLEASE GET OUT OF MY STADIUM AND DO NOT LOOK…

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