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From another Blog…\x94I heard Brandon Lloyd on his show this evening saying that they want our support. They want us to believe and that’s not what he’s feeling from us. When you point that finger, just remember that more then some buddies on a message board are reading your venting and if you care about this team, you need to show it. Be part of the solution rather then causing our team grief and turmoil.\x94 Well, on another note…. it works both ways. We believe, ALL of us do, or we wouldn’t be here. Some get more carried away than others, when they vent, but, end of the day ALL of us are on these message boards and at this site for a reason: We DO support the Redskins…. ALL of us. Here lies the problem… What about the grief and turmoil the team has caused the fans? I know it’s a job for the guys on the field, but it’s an OBSESSION for the ones of us who live and die with the team… My whole week last week went into the crapper just around midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning, when the clock hit zero in the Vikings game. It stayed in the crapper after the dismal performance Sunday night against Dallas. Seriously, Redskins football affects my entire week. Most of these players just got here… I remember from ’93 on and early into the new millennium. I have defended this team through thick and thin. And, I will continue to do so until the day I die. I live in North Carolina. The Panthers showed up here, in ’95. Most people here were Redskins fans until the Panthers had a chance to go all the way in ’96. The rest jumped ship about the time the Panthers made it to the big dance a couple years back. Not me. I’ve been ridiculed, smacked around, and given crap by all of the locals. But they don’t know what I know….. The Redskins Rule!!!! Not to pick on Lloyd(he would be an easy target with only ONE catch for SIX yards, thus far, but who’s counting… 😆 ), I like the guy(and this is not aimed at him in general, but all ‘Skins players in general, if they are indeed reading), but, his comment inspired this, so, (player x)….. I was here FIRST. YOU are the newbie. Not me. I’m still here aren’t I? You didn’t have to live through Spurrier. I did. That hurt. More than most can imagine. The Redskins flag is STILL flying outside of my house. I hate to see the team look the way it did the last six weeks, including preseason. Have I given up hope? Absolutely not. Player x will be playing for another team as soon as they offer him more cash, so, take that for what it is. I’ll still be here. I don’t get paid to leave. I pay to stay. If player x does his job while he’s here, then he will be remembered as a ‘good Redskin’. Slip in the least in your tenure and you are a bust. I’m a homer, what are you going to do, cut my pay? ROTFALMAO And here’s to \x93GNOME\x94 for the best quote I’ve seen all day… \x93Bro, it’s Brunell’s job to shut haters up. Not haters to stop hating.\x94 While I am not supporting Brunell in any way at this point(come on Mark, pull your head out…but, that is another Blog topic altogether), I think this is a better way to quote it.. “Bro, it’s the Redskins job to shut haters up. Not haters to stop hating. ” That quote is still making me laugh. Because it’s so true. If only people wouldn’t go so far overboard, the world would be a better place. Most fans don’t know where to draw the line. Be real. That’s all I…

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