Something Is Missing!

Washington Commanders

Something is Missing I know some will read the title and assume that this blog is going to be about complaining about the offensive line, Mark Brunell, the D, play calling or all of the aforementioned topics. Well think again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m disappointed that we lost yesterday. Dallas is a big game. It means more to a die hard fan then most of the games through the year, with the exception of the play offs when it becomes a win or go home situation. What disappoints me more then anything I saw on the field during the game was the behavior of fans. Yes, I am referring to you!! I understand that some people need to blame someone. They need to point a finger so that they feel there is justification for the loss. I am not one of those people. I believe in my team and last night was not fun but it my belief and support of my team does not waiver. The definition of fan, as found on wikipedia, includes the following: \x93Supporter is a synonym to “fan” which predates the latter term and as such is still commonly used in British English, especially to denote fans of sports teams.\x94 Hmmm, you mean that a fan is supposed to support their team? Wow, where did wikipedia get this? It may sound ridiculous, but support has always been a part of my feelings for this team. And obviously I am not the only one. This definition was not written or influenced by your’s truly. Someone, rather several someones believe that to be a fan you should stand behind your team and do it to show your love not to be the first to point that finger. I have defended my team for the last 24 hours, to everyone here, to people I work with, to passers by on the street. If our fanbase understood what this team needs to hear they would get over themselves and show some support. It’s not about you. You were not put here to figure this out. I actually have heard every facet of the team be called out by various posters, people, and callers to radio shows. I was here last night and I’m calling out the fans. Prior to the end of the first quarter, there were fans sitting here complaining and giving up on ‘their’ team. To me this is where we are at fault. I have burgundy and gold in my heart and when someone bad mouths my team, they are going to hear my mouth. If you don’t believe me, walk into my office and try it. Everyone, even people I like, got the same talk today. If you are going to bad mouth this team to me now, I do not want to see you jumping on the bandwagon later in the season when this very talented team pulls it together. This is not about me thinking I am a better fan then those of you walking around with that finger aimed at whom ever you believe messed up last night. This is about you people realizing that all of this negativity and this constant asking for someone’s head is heard by those working their rearends off to fix this. Our team needs us. It needs us to tell them that they can do this; that we still believe. If you’re not willing to do that, turn down your volume. Walk away and keep your bad vibes to yourself. This team is going somewhere and I, my friends, am on this bus even with the bumps in the road. A few final thoughts for the evening. If your child brings home a test with a grade of D, do you call them stupid? Do you blame the pencil? Do you blame the teacher? Do you point fingers? Or do you tell your child that you know they can do it? You believe in them. I heard Brandon Lloyd on his show this evening saying that they want our support. They want us to believe and that’s not what he’s feeling from us. When you point that finger, just remember that more then some buddies on a message board are reading your venting and if you care about this team, you need to show it. Be part of the solution rather then causing our team grief and turmoil. This is what I’d like to leave you with. This is also quoted from our friends at Wikipedia: \x93When expressing interest in an organized or consistent manner, fans can sometimes effect changes, especially in the media’s portrayal of their subject, or in their own subject’s…

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