Hognostications: Week 3

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Well at least the Hognostication results were somewhat pleasurable for just about all the participants last week. However, for those of us that live and die by the burgundy and gold’s wins and losses, the last two weeks have been miserable. What makes it even more miserable is to have to listen to those that consistently whine and claim they know who should or shouldn’t be playing, where the problems lie and how the game should be called. The hell with them. They might as well be a puke fan to the faithful. The Hognosticator demands that they get off the bus and catch the next Kornholio bandwagon. A true Redskin fan knows to trust the management, staff, players and tradition that made this the best damn franchise, period. In Gibbs we trust. Either you get it or you don’t.

New York Jets at Buffalo
The Bills are a slight favorite because they’re at home, although the loss of Troy Vincent will hurt their already soft rush defense. Coles being nicked can’t help the Jets cause.
Pick – Bills

Green Bay at Detroit
Although hard to pick against Favre in the motor city, Marinelli gets his first win of a precious few that he’ll have in Detroit.
Pick – Lions

Washington at Houston
A loss here would test even the most resolute fan. Not going to happen. This Hognosticator will be there personally to enjoy the first victory of the season and seeing Coach Gibbs on the sideline in person for the first time!
Pick – Redskins

Jacksonville at Indianapolis
This one couldn’t have worked out better for a week three match up. The Jags are playing great defense, but coming off a short week. They won’t shut out Payton or score enough points to keep up with the Colt offense. The Colts won’t take this one lightly with the division lead at stake.
Pick – Colts

Tennessee at Miami
Culpepper can’t suck three weeks in a row can he? Or at least suck as bad as Kerry Collins has. This game could go a long way towards convincing Fisher to start Vince Young.
Pick – Dolphins

Chicago at Minnesota
This is another great match up for the division lead. Rex Grossman is playing out of his mind. With the Bear defense, that spells trouble for any opponent. Da Bears go 3-0 in their division and 3-0 to start the season for the first time in 15 years.
Pick – Bears

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
The great divisional match ups continue. Dare to say, it’s been a long time since the Steelers were only favored by 2 at home against the Bungles? The Bengals are nursing lots of injuries, besides, it just too hard to pick against the Steelers at home, particularly after a shutout loss on Monday night.
Pick – Steelers

Carolina at Tampa Bay
These two teams have combined for one touchdown in their first two contests. Both are going to be desperate for a win this Sunday – this one ought to be fun to watch. Who would have guessed that one of these teams would be 0-3 heading into week 4? The Panthers are beat up and the Bucs are at home – hence the pick.
Pick – Bucs

Baltimore at Cleveland
Don’t be surprised if the Raisins head into week four without surrendering a touchdown. It’s going to be fun to see the Raisin LB’s and secondary smack Winslow around.
Pick – Raisins

St. Louis at Arizona
Orlando Pace’s absence will hurt an already underperforming Ram OL and Bulger will spend even more time on his back. The Cards make this the 3rd win out of the last four contests against the Sheep. Baaa
Pick – Cards

Philadelphia at San Francisco
What a collapse last week! Wasn’t that fun to watch? Unfortunately for the 9ers, Philthy takes out their frustrations from last weeks collapse and the loss of Kearse for the season.
Pick – Philthy

New York Giants at Seattle
With Alexander not at 100%, the New York pass rush should have fun with Hasselbeck.
Pick – Gnats

Denver at New England
Although Brady is 1-4 against the Broncos and has a sore right shoulder, he’ll play better than Plummer as the Bronco QB controversy continues.
Pick – Patriots

Atlanta at New Orleans
The Saints emotional return to the Superdome won’t be enough to get past the stout Falcon defense and stop Vick from making more big plays.
Pick – Falcons

Bye Week: Pukes, Chefs, Faiders and Bolts

Last Week’s Results: 11-5
Season to Date: 19-13

– Frank Hastings

Hognostications Counterpoint NFL Week 3

From an 8 – 8 record in NFL Week 1 to a 10 – 6 record in NFL Week 2, you might argue there has been some improvement in my picks. It would be true. But certainly not the kind of improvement that is needed to be -even- near the top of this list of very tough Hognosticators. There is no question in my mind that this larger group of knowledgeable Hognosticators poses a huge task from week to week. It will be fascinating to witness the ups and downs, the winning and losing streaks, the consistency or lack thereof of the whole crowd.

The new software really provides insights that were not able to be determined when we used the old-fashion method of manual counting of wins and losses last season. Let’s take a look, shall we?

TincoSkin went from 1st to 31st a big drop of 30 spots. Consistency will undoubtedly be an issue with all posters throughout the season. But how about the overall standings compared to last season? You might recall that the 2005 regular season winner had a score of 175 – 81. This is equivalent to an average of slightly over 10 wins per 17 weeks, or 68.36% over the -entire- season. Be that as it might, how does that percentage compare with the percentages of our leaders so far?

# Player W L T Pct

1 Dmkskins86 25 7 0 78.1%
2 CLL 24 8 0 75.0%
3 airhog 23 9 0 71.9%

These stats are equivalent to an average of 12 wins per week! So that you appreciate the magnitude of their achievements beyond this board, NOBODY in Vegas or the so-called “experts” are anywhere close to match them. Check it out, for example, here:

ESPN NFL Expert Picks – Week 3. Impressed now?

Nameless to say, we will need a few more weeks to truly assess whether these very impressive scores and percentages are maintained or they change for better or worse. We at THN will keep a close watch of course.

No, do not even mention it. I will not. I still have issues with it. I am not saying -anything- about that game on Sunday night. BUT I will stand on my Hognostication: a 16 – 0 record for the Washington Redskins. Hold me accountable to it from week to week, if you might.

So, here we go:

Sunday, September 24 Time (ET)

Jets at Bills
Who is not impressed with the game of the Bills? These are the over-achievers this season if you ask me, even without Takeo Spikes.
Pick – Buffalo

Jaguars at Colts
Nice Jags defense eh? Del Rio is doing a great job on a string budget. But the string will snap on Sunday. Colts are built for speed indoors.
Pick – Indianapolis

Titans at Dolphins
The under-achieving fish has cost me not one but TWO big losses in my score. What a disappointing start to their season. Somehow, it sounds sadly familiar. But they are good enough to beat the Titans, I hope.
Pick – Miami

Packers at Lions
Roy, this is your chance to cash up on all those promises for victories and points.
Pick – Detroit

Redskins at Texans
Sadly, this might become an act of faith and loyalty if things do not change very quickly. But I still do not feel that we are THAT bad.
Pick – Washington

Bears at Vikings
Vikes have been scrapping victories from the bottom of their hearts. Credit is due to coach Childress and Brad Johnson. Who would have thought about such a quick come back? I did not TWICE already. Well, their streak comes to an end here.
Pick – Chicago

Panthers at Buccaneers
Two of the most under-achieving teams this season, next to the Redskins. And just like us, Carolina will bounce back. Interesting how critical a role some players have. Carolina is not the same without Smith and Washington is not the same without Portis.
Pick – Carolina

Bengals at Steelers
Great match. It could go either way with some painful debts to collect. Steelers will play for pride and ownership of their division.
Pick – Pittsburgh

Ravens at Browns
This could be the more one-sided victory this week. Let’s leave it at that.
Pick – Baltimore

Rams at Cardinals
Every once in a while you somehow suspect that a game may define a season for either team. This is it for both teams. I think Green has more weapons at his disposal.
Pick – Arizona

Eagles at 49ers
San Francisco already had their upset of the season.
Pick – Philadelphia

Giants at Seahawks
Seattle is the team to beat in the NFC this season. The Giants won’t.
Pick – Seattle

Broncos at Patriots
Have you seen Plummer lately? He is back to being his old self.
Pick – New England

Falcons at Saints
Another over-achiever. Vick and Dunn are hot. They will be hotter in Atlanta.
Pick – Atlanta

Last Week’s Results: 10-6
Season to Date: 18-14


Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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