Madden: WAS vs HOU

Washington Commanders

Welcome to another week of our Madden simulation. There are just a few things to mention before we get to the game. EA has just recently released an update to the game to reflect every team’s roster accurately. What does that mean for the Skins? Well, the most notable additions are TJ Duckett and Rumph. To bring a more accurate experience the season had to be restarted and caught up to the current week. If you have ideas on what could be done to bring a better experience send an email to A rainy day at Reliant Stadium forced the Texans to close their retractable roof. The dreary conditions outside seemed to have no effect on the home crowd as the intensity grew during the coin toss. Maybe it was chance, luck or the wind but if you were at the stadium you’d have to give the crowd a pat on the back as they seemed to force the coin to land in favor of the home team. David Carr’s success early on with short and intermediate passes tested the Redskins defense that seemed to look bewildered at times. With a mix of those pin-point passes and runs that gashed the defense the Texans rumbled all the way down the field. Thus far in the season the Skins defense has bended time and time again but has yet to break. The run defense which 3-6 yards a gain through the 1st possession tightened up in the red zone and forced a Texans punt. 3-7 Texans Not to be shown up by an impressive Texans drive the Redskins come out with a 29 yard pass to Moss. Moss was not able to take his drag route to the house as he was forced out of bounds by Greenwood. Next up was Portis with a highlight reel play. Portis running a counter to the right spun past 3 defenders back into the heart of the defense and took 2 more defenders for a ride for a 9 yard gain. On 3rd down with a yard to gain a failed pass forced the Redskins to do something unusual. With a fresh Ladell Betts in the backfield Joe opts to go for it and is rewarded for his gamble. The Redskins score a TD and take the lead. 7-3 Skins With the Texans looking to capitalize off of their earlier effort the Skins defense was looking to do the same. With this second bout it seemed that defense won again thanks to Lemar Marshall and Kenny Wright. Lemar Marshall set the tone for the possession with a tackle for a loss on 1st down. Wright saved a 1st down on 2nd down and on 3rd & 2 Lemar picks off one of those highly successful Carr slants. A poor Redskins offensive showing gives the ball right back to the Texans. Sacks and a missed 45 yard FG rejuvenate the crowd who has gotten quiet. The next few possessions are up and down for both teams. Both offenses are stopped with great defensive play. The Skins halt the Texans with great run stopping after a gash here and there and the Texans are nailing Brunell left and right. Derrick Frost has been a bright spot for the Skins recently and pinned the Texans deep in their own territory. The Texans march down the field again and the Skins defense rises to the occasion again. 7-6 Skins The Skins looked to add more to their score but it seemed they were adding to the Texans score. Mark Brunell attempting to throw an out pattern to Lloyd is intercepted. The lame duck that was thrown had enough air under it to allow the beaten defender back into the play and get the ball. The Texans who were trying to get some momentum back in their favor seemed to lose whatever bit they had left with a fumble. Mike Rumph made and open field tackle on Morency and stripped it out. Kenny Wright recovered the fumbled and returned the interception back for a minimum gain. Brunell and the Redskins offense capitalize with a score. Feeling pressure and forced to scramble Brunell finds Moss streaking across the field. After the reception it was a gimme TD for Moss as he strolled past defenders. 14-6 Skins A good team does not allow another team to dictate what it does on offense and it seemed as if the Texans were going to run the ball regardless. Morency continues to gash the Skins defense and seem intent on punishing the Skins front seven. It was not until Moreceny met with a Mr. Shawn Springs for the 2nd time that he was stripped again and the Skins once again recover. Pass protection has been an issue for the Skins throughout the game, to remedy that Joe turns to Clinton to carry the team. Clinton marches down the field with numerous runs and catches. On one particular play CP catches a swing pass and takes it 14 yards by shaking defenders out of their socks. Although CP led the offense down the field it was Brandon Lloyd who took them over the top. Lloyd was rewarded with a TD pass for 10 yards and a sure Skins lead deep into the 3rd quarter. 21-6 Skins To end the game Carr throws two more picks as the Skins turn the ball over on a Mark Brunell fumble while trying to run the clock out. Carr was truly a Jekyll and Hyde in today’s match-up, when he was on he was able to complete any pass he wanted but when he was off he was really off. End 21-6…

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