Washington Commanders

Over the last two years, we’ve heard quite a bit about Santana Moss, and deservedly so. Last year, as the only deep threat guy on the team, he stepped up and helped inspire a run of wins that vaulted the Redskins into the playoffs. Before that, however, many people, including some on this very board, felt we gave up to much for another number two receiver. In fact, a certain Jets fan who used to visit this board frequently reminded us to remember the name ‘Sideline Santana’ . In the wake of Sunday’s victory over the Jags, this reminder is just soaked in irony. The claim is that Moss would rather step out of bounds than take a hit. Well, at 5′-10\x94 and 185 pounds, I’m not sure I can fault him. But on Sunday when the referee stepped back onto the field at about three minutes into the overtime period to declare that no, Moss had not stepped out of bounds during his game-winning catch and run , I got the sense that he was speaking metaphorically as well as literally. In fact, I counted a couple of times during this game where Moss had the opportunity to step out of the way to the safety of the sideline, but chose rather to cut inside and gain a few more yards. Further, I’m not sure I can recall a single time over the last 21 games where I’ve noticed Moss shy away from a would-be tackler (unless you count faking them out of their shoes). So I thought that we should once again listen to the poignant words of Mr. Triplett as a reminder of what Santana Moss is really all about: After reviewing the play, the player did not touch out of bounds. It is a touchdown. The game is over. Sideline Santana? Please. Game…

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