Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

Washington Commanders

OK, while it may be hard for you to believe in a jolly fat guy with a white beard, who lives at the North Pole. Who once a year on December 24th delivers toys made by elf’s to every kid in the world by way of his sleigh guided by 9 reindeers (one with a red nose). Here’s something you can believe in… tailgate party is absolutely real and absolutely free!! Sunday at the tailgate party, while I was feasting on my kielbasa and pasta salad that Isaac’s provided and cooked. I was talking with JansenFan about why we don’t get the turnout we had anticipated for a free tailgate pre-game meal. I for the life of me can’t understand why you wouldn’t want to be a part of one of the best tailgate parties at FedEx, did I mention it was FREE? I mean here’s a chance to meet up with some of the great personalities on the site and did I mention it was FREE? A chance to enjoy a fully prepared meal provided by Isaac’s Restaurant and did I mention that it’s FREE? A chance to tailgate and have you photo taken with the Hogettes and (say it with me) not to mention it FREE!! Well I think JansenFan and I finally came to the conclusion, that nobody believes that anything is free anymore. Maybe you think there’s a catch or something. I remember when I first told BossHog I wanted to have a place and meet up with people to tailgate with. What tailgate party has turned into is nothing what I had in mind, its way better!! So my question is why don’t you come? Would you come if started charging $5 or $10 for it? I think I have the answer, most of you here fall into one of the following three categories. 1. You live out of town. 2. You live around town but don’t have tickets. 3. You already have tickets and are happy with your current TG setup or you don’t have a parking permit (very weak excuse, talk to SkinsChic and Jake about this one) Well I have a solution, why don’t we pick a future game and ALL make an effort to get to that game and tailgate together like the Eagles game on December 10. Everyone for one game can come together and celebrate the site and a Redskins victory. What a great trip that would make. Think about it…we could make it an annual event; it would give you a chance to check out one of the best tailgate party going on at FedEx. We could call it TheHogs.netGate or whatever. What a great time it would be for all, and don’t forget its FREE!! Who’s in sound off…

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