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Hognostications: Week 5

By Frank Hastings | October 5th, 2006

This Hognosticator thought he had seen a good game in Houston? It may have been, but it was nothing like the thriller last week against the Jags. Without question, an all-time classic. The biggest play of that game (other than Moss’s walk-off TD, of course) may not have been a football play at all, but the Jags losing of the coin toss in OT. The opposite result would have almost certainly resulted in a loss, and instead of discussing the Redskin’s new found Saunders offense, this week’s discussion would have been focused on a heartbreaking hard fought loss and our defensive short comings. Special thanks to Charlie Frye and the Browns for erasing an 18-point deficit in a comeback victory in Oakland – helping out in another week of poor picks on a Sunday where 8 of 12 games were decided by a TD or less, and 5 of those 8 were decided by 3 or fewer points. Congratulations and good work to all the Hognosticators who have consistently out-picked this amateur throughout the first quarter of the season.

Cleveland at Carolina
Sorry, Charlie Frye meet Julius Peppers. The Panthers can’t seem to play anything other than a close game. They’ll take this close one at home. They better, as their next three games are at Baltimore, at Cincy and hosting Dallas.
Pick – Panthers

Buffalo at Chicago
The Bears have won their last eight regular-season home games, allowing just two touchdowns in the process. J.P. Losman has already been sacked 11 times. Look for the Bears to add to that total. The Bears impressive defense is giving up a measly 7.3 points per game through four weeks, and the Bears already hold a comfortable two game lead over their only divisional threat, Minnesota. Unfortunately, the NFC playoff race will more than likely require a visit to Soldier field.
Pick – Bears

St. Louis at Green Bay
Obviously Seattle and Vikings knew what they were doing when they unloaded Koren Robinson. On Wednesday he was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating his probation in a drunken driving case. Fortunately, he will be able to finish the season with the Packers. Playing for the Pack these days could drink anyone to driving…sorry, drive anyone to drinking.
Pick – Rams

Tennessee at Indianapolis
The Titans are a sick 19-point dog. What has happened to this franchise? Tennessee is off to their worst start since 1984 when they were in Houston and have lost seven straight since last December. Vince Young looked horrible last week and his development will take years. Fisher needs to find himself a new home. He’s a good coach and could win now with the proper support from his owner and front office.
Pick – Colts

Detroit at Minnesota
The Lions can’t run the ball and are giving up nearly 29 points a game. The Lions have beaten the Vikes just once this decade; the Vikes have won eight in a row and 14 of the last 16. Minnesota gets back on track this weekend after dropping two straight to the Bears and Bills.
Pick – Vikings

Miami at New England
The Patriots seem to match up well against everyone except the Broncos. That was an impressive victory over Cincy last week. The opposite can be said of the Dolphin performance in Houston last weekend and so far this season. Mike Mularkey, the Dolphin O-Coordinator will deservedly be the fall guy for the Dolphins’ so far disastrous season, unless Culpepper and that offense can quickly show some signs of improvement and cement some victories. Anyone else getting pleasure out of the sophomore, Saban’s struggles after so much early success and praise last season?
Pick – Patriots

Tampa Bay at New Orleans
This win will give the Saints their first consecutive home win against divisional opponents since they won 3 straight in the 2000 season. Unbelievably, the Bucs have rushed for a mere and league’s worst 130 yards in their three loses. Consequently, the Bucs rank dead last in rushing with 43.3 yards/game and their offense ranks 31st in the league in total yards. Even more surprisingly, their rushing defense is as lousy, ranked 31st in the league, giving up 170 yards/game. All this translates into unnecessary pressure on a rookie QB, Bruce Gradkowski making his first start and a big day for McAllister and Bush.
Pick – Saints

Washington at New York Giants
Coming off bye-weeks, the Giants have lost five straight and are just 3-14 overall. They are also a Philthy collapse away from a 0-3 start to the season. It’s time to erase the bad memory of last season’s debacle at New York with Tiki putting up 206 rushing yards in a 36-0 blowout and show Shockey a true example of what being out coached is all about.
Pick – Redskins

Kansas City at Arizona
Warner’s done in Arizona and likely for his career. Leinart will be a quality pro QB (probably in another uniform), but it’ll take some time and an absence of the abuse he’ll take behind a perpetually poor Cardinal OL. The Cardinals rank 31st in the league in rushing even with the addition of James – that won’t help the pressure Leinart will receive. One thing both these teams have in common is their only victory has come against the worthless 49ers.
Pick – Chiefs

New York Jets at Jacksonville
The Jets have won their first two road games and the Jags have won their first two home games. Something’s got to give. The risk-taking rookie Head Coach Eric Mangini and the Jets have started stronger than expected this season, but are struggling defensively, ranking 29th overall, allowing 378 yards/game (140 rush and 238 pass). This match up of former Marshall teammates (Leftwich and Pennington) ought to be fun to watch – look for the Jags to get back on track.
Pick – Jaguars

Oakland at San Francisco
The 2007 draft bowl. These two teams will give the Titans, Lions and possibly the Bucs a run for the 1st pick of the ’07 draft. As bad as the 49ers are, the Raiders are worse and a mess from the top to bottom of their roster. Discontent, lack of overall talent and injuries are just a few of the many issues Faider fans get to look forward to each week.
Pick – 49ers

Dallas at Philadelphia
This will be an interesting match up of Philthy’s supposedly number 1 ranked offense against the Puke’s supposedly solid defense. This pick is a win-win for Redskin fans. Whichever team loses we’ll be happy. Personally, a Puke loss would be more enjoyable and hopefully this pick will jinx their performance. Brian Westbrook’s status is a huge factor in this game. Buckhalter can’t hold onto the ball and that has to be a concern for Man Boobs II and Philthy fans. Philthy has lost 7 consecutive division games, make it 8.
Pick – Pukes

Pittsburgh at San Diego
This will be a great match up of two great defenses and is a tough pick. Pittsburgh is coming in off two straight losses, while San Diego is coming in after a close 4th quarter game winning drive loss to Baltimore last week. The Steelers have won their last 5 against the Chargers. The Chargers will end that streak and generate enough offense to win at home.
Pick – Chargers

Baltimore at Denver
The Ravens will be up for this nationally televised contest and wanting to make a statement, will show they’re for real. Other than his former team the Titans, the Broncos are the only team McNair hasn’t faced. He’ll be 1-0 against them Tuesday morning.
Pick – Ravens

Bye Week: Falcons, Bengals, Seahawks, Texans

Last Week’s Results: 9-5
Season to Date: 34-26

– Frank Hastings

Hognostications Counterpoint NFL Week 5

This is one week when my expectations have been truly surpassed on several fronts. First, the Washington Redskins finally showed what they are made of and won with true grit. Our QB finally removed all doubts from the minds of those who had any reservations about his ability to lead our team. The Offensive Line showed up ready to play against one of the top defensive lines in the NFL. And Al Saunders’ system is beginning to produce dividends in an average of over 30 points lately. A healthy Clinton Portis always makes a big difference. What a game against the Jags. What a win!

But a special word must go to Santana Moss. Not only for the STELLAR way in which he played, but also for his demeanor after each score and the way he handles himself under all circumstances. I am one dedicated fan of Art Monk for his work on and off the field. I imagine Art feels happy looking at this kid starting to fill his shoes. So am I. That is how much I think of him.

Second, the THN community members have, by far, the best Hognostication scores this week that we have had as an entire group in a long while. I started a Poll thread on THN’s message board asking if a perfect score was possible. Well that question -almost- got answered this week. Not one but two members had final scores of 13 – 1. And to top it up, three others followed them with 12 – 2. Amazing!

I can not really tell you how excited I am about this Hognostications season. On the one hand, I hope that the top scorers keep their good scores up and improve upon our performance obtained at the end of the last season. On the other hand, everybody is doing their best to reach the top and some interesting movements are already taking place. I would not be surprised if some dark horses from last season come to challenge the leaders in a few weeks. I know they are very capable and, like the Redskins, they are beginning to show their true form.

It is remarkable how competitive the THN hognosticators have become. The difference in the standings is really coming down to a field goal or a late score in the last seconds of just a couple of close games!

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My picks:

Rams at Packers 1:00 PM
Pick – Green Bay

Bills at Bears 1:00 PM
Pick – Chicago

Lions at Vikings 1:00 PM
Pick – Minnesota

Redskins at Giants 1:00 PM
Pick – Washington

Browns at Panthers 1:00 PM
Pick – Carolina

Dolphins at Patriots 1:00 PM
Pick – New England

Titans at Colts 1:00 PM
Pick – Indianapolis

Buccaneers at Saints 1:00 PM
Pick – New Orleans

Raiders at 49ers 4:05 PM
Pick – San Francisco

Jets at Jaguars 4:05 PM
Pick – Jacksonville

Chiefs at Cardinals 4:05 PM
Pick – Kansas City

Cowboys at Eagles 4:15 PM
Pick – Philadelphia

Steelers at Chargers 8:15 PM
Pick – San Diego

Monday, October 9

Ravens at Broncos 8:30 PM (ET)
Pick – Denver

The standings with the “professional experts”:

Poolmeisters          TW    TL  TT   Pct

CLL                   45   15   0   75.0
airhog                43   17   0   71.7
TincoSkin             42   18   0   70.0
cvillehog             42   18   0   70.0
Justice HOG           42   18   0   70.0
theoneandonly9        41   19   0   68.3
hailskins666          41   19   0   68.3
Dmkskins86            41   19   0   68.3
JPM36                 41   19   0   68.3
Dangerfield           41   19   0   68.3
JSPB22                40   20   0   66.7
Jake                  40   20   0   66.7
REDEEMEDSKIN          40   20   0   66.7
ArizonaHog            40   20   0   66.7
Schlereth             40   20   0
die cowboys die       39   21   0   65.0
EA7649                39   21   0   65.0
HOSS                  39   21   0   65.0
riggins85             39   21   0   65.0
Scottish Hog          39   21   0   65.0
Jaworski              39   21   0
Countertrey           38   22   0   63.3
funbunch              38   22   0   63.3
FFA                   38   22   0   63.3
joebagadonuts         38   22   0   63.3
SkinsChic             38   22   0   63.3
Cappster              38   22   0   63.3 
JansenFan             38   22   0   63.3
chaddukes             38   22   0   63.3
Hoge                  38   22   0
King "The Sleazy"     38   22   0
NC43Hog               37   23   0   61.7
wbbradb               37   23   0   61.7
WarMother             37   23   0   61.7
rick301               37   23   0   61.7
Golic                 37   23   0
Salisbury             37   23   0
Redskin in Canada     36   24   0   60.0
tazlah                36   24   0   60.0 
SkinsJock             36   24   0   60.0
UK Skins Fan          35   25   0   58.3
Mursilis              35   25   0   58.3
juansushi             35   25   0   58.3
Allen                 35   25   0
Mortensen             35   25   0
TexasHog              34   26   0   56.7
1niksder              33   27   0   55.0
NikiH                 33   27   0   55.0
This Heat             33   27   0   55.0
ChrisHanburger        32   14   0   69.6
vtfootball07          32   28   0   53.3
Theismann             32   24   0
Punu                  31   29   0   51.7
skins2win             30   16   0   65.2
Fios                  29   17   0   63.0
ATV                   28   18   0   60.9
skinz74               27   17   0   61.4
gus                   27   17   0   61.4
redskingush           26   20   0   56.5
doink                 20   10   0   66.7
Skins4ever            20   12   0   62.5
Skins Rule            16   14   0   53.3
Kearney420            13    3   0   81.3
gt1135                12    4   0   75.0
JagerSkins            11    5   0   68.8
HALSKNS               10    6   0   62.5
gfghost                9    7   0   56.3
shanghaiskins          9    7   0   56.3
SkinzCanes             9    7   0   56.3 
RiggoFan               9    7   0   56.3 
bluskinsfanforeve      7    7   0   50.0 

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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