YOU GUYS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Washington Commanders

Before you jump on the coaching/Brunnell/defense sucks bandwagon look in the miror because fault lies in you! Ok first of all our team did not play well yesterday but I have a finger to point and it’s not at coaching, it’s not at the defense or the offense. It’s at YOU! That’s right YOU! If you chanted we want Jason Campbell during the game, I’m talking to you. If you were doing this while Mark Brunnell was still on the field, this is for you. :Monkey: If you boo’ed our defense while we still had a shot to win this game then you are worse then any aspect of the team that took the field. I was going to post this in smack and I apoligize that it is not G rated but there is not other expression I could possibly use to explain how I feel. I just watched an interview with Renauldo Wynn. He was so disappointed in the fans, his expression was one of great disappointment when he asked about the boos he heard. If you want to be this kind of fan then you go right ahead but as I’ve said before being a fanatic has to have some form of support involved or you are no more then following a trend. I do not jump on the bandwagon and I definitely refuse to jump off while we are on the field facing a 3rd and 9 situation. “We want Jason Campbell” rung out over the field while this offense was trying to put something together. You need to realize that they hear this. Just as the defense heard the Boo’s when Tenessee got their first down late in the game. We had a darn good chance to come back. Has anyone here thought about their actions? Have you thought about whether or not you were the best fan you could have been for the ENTIRE game? Then why do you feel it is the players responsibility to play the ENTIRE game without mistake. You expect them to continue playing at their best ability the entire game. The truth is the fans cut out on this team. I plan to make it known that I did not boo my team. I know there are issues. I know that we may not make the play offs. I still will not stoop to being the low class type of fan that some of you believe is your right. If you don’t like what you see on the field, no one is forcing you to stay. Hit the road and take your bad attitude with you. I love this team, faults and all. I cannot say the same for the fans at this point. Loyalty is hard to find in this day and age but I know one place that you will not find it in abundance. FED EX FIELD Before you type your violent rebuttal, you should know that if you take offense to what I’ve said, there is good reason for it. I am not saying that there was no loyalty shown because there were several people I talked to who like Jansenfan, Jackson, and I were disgusted by this behavior but we were definitely in the minority yesterday. It is extremely sad. As a final note, I might as well add how disgusted I am at the media. They are pushing this issue. They did not start the chants but they are making sure that this controversy continues, as evidenced by the reporting of the Titans pathetic…

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