A Win is A Win

Washington Commanders

It wasn’t pretty. It didn’t ever look like the end result would be a Redskin win except for after the safety, and after Novak kicked the game-winning field goal. The offense struggled at times. The defense struggled at times. The Redskins showed a lot of the same problems that they have shown for the last few games with one small exception… … they won the game. In two or three years if this game comes up, only two things will likely be remembered… the bizarre way that the Redskins came about the victory on the ‘last play’ of the game… and the fact that they earned a victory. You can dress it up however you like but at the end of the day, all that matters is that Washington got the ‘W’ and kept what seem like slim playoff aspirations alive. They also beat their biggest rivals… cause enough for celebration. Don’t cheat yourself of enjoying the victory because of the way it came about… treat yourself and realize that a win is a…

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