Hognostications Counterpoint NFL Week 12 – SHORT WEEK ALERT

Washington Commanders

Hognostications Counterpoint NFL Week 12 – SHORT WEEK ALERT So our playoff hopes are finished realistically if not mathematically. The season has been a nightmare from the start. Am I the only person depressed when I read that some of you rather look forward to the off season and even September 2007 when there are still -SIX- more games to play? I do not blame anybody. I understand you. I empathise with your feelings. In fact … Let me take advantage of this opportunity to express to the Redskins organization our heartfelt gratitude for their kind assistance to provide the loyal Hognosticators at THN with SEVEN losses so far. But since the season is not over yet, there might still be more reasons to bestow upon them further thoughtful tokens of our appreciation in the near future. The only constructive things I can find in my bag of goodies to cheer you up a little and help you get over this debacle are: 1) This season still provides with a much needed opportunity to analyse the team and to determine what players are worth keeping and which ones must be weeded out off the Redskins garden; and 2) Hognostications! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, the best part of the Hognostications season is here and we are closing strong with an exciting finish to the latter part of the season. There has been a ton of movements in the season’s standings. While we have had two leaders over most of the season: CLL and JPM36, others are closing in on them. Many players are still very much in contention and (almost) anybody can win this competition easily. This week is trickier than most others not only due to the tough schedule but because it is a VERY SHORT WEEK. The deadline for the submission of picks is: Wednesday, November 22 (9:00 PM) I will add to this Blog later on with an analysis of the final weekly standings and the current Hognostications season standings after the Monday Night Football game is played tonight. I will post my picks later on as well. I will show mine and hopefully you will show me yours. 😉 Regards, RiC In the meantime, start your engines: Thursday, November 23 (ET) Dolphins at Lions 12:30 PM Buccaneers at Cowboys 4:15 PM Broncos at Chiefs 8:00 PM Sunday, November 26 (ET) Steelers at Ravens 1:00 PM 49ers at Rams 1:00 PM Jaguars at Bills 1:00 PM Saints at Falcons 1:00 PM Cardinals at Vikings 1:00 PM Panthers at Redskins 1:00 PM Texans at Jets 1:00 PM Bengals at Browns 1:00 PM Raiders at Chargers 4:05 PM Bears at Patriots 4:15 PM Giants at Titans 4:15 PM Eagles at Colts 8:15 PM OUCH ! Monday, November 27 (ET) Packers at Seahawks…

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