Hognostications Counterpoint NFL Week 13 -ANOTHER SHORT WEEK

Washington Commanders

Hognostications Counterpoint NFL Week 13 – YET ANOTHER SHORT WEEK ALERT Finally! We arrive at the long-awaited NFL Week 13. Why would I make such a big thing out of it? Well, because UK Skin promised that -this- would be his perfect week. No, this is not another joke the kind of which we read on and off every once in a while from Redeemed Skin. This time it appears to be a serious effort. UK Skin has been improving in his scores lately and those of us who know his capabilities from last season know that he is one of those quite capable to pull it off. How about JPM36 and airhog? Shhhheeeesh! They are tough people to caught on to, let me tell you. They are consistent and they are closing the season very well. The group in pursuit has a hot trail though. One, I mean, only one week off and they are back with the rest of the group in a scramble for survival. HOSS did well but could not keep pace with JPM36. JSPB had a decent week but not spectacular. Unfortunately, several posters contending for good positions appear to have missed the deadline this past week. PLEASE do not allow the short week (this one too and the next two coming) to get you flat-footed and post your picks early in the week. The deadline for this week’s picks is: Week 13: Wednesday November 29 (9:00 PM) I have not caught my breadth yet with work and the actual results of this weeks Hognostications Texas Hog picks are/will be HERE . Mine will be added on to this thread later on with a commentary on the positions in the weekly and season Hognostications standings when they are posted. Thursday, November 30 (ET) Ravens at Bengals 8:00 PM Sunday, December 3 (ET) Colts at Titans 1:00 PM Jets at Packers 1:00 PM Lions at Patriots 1:00 PM 49ers at Saints 1:00 PM Cardinals at Rams 1:00 PM Chargers at Bills 1:00 PM Falcons at Redskins 1:00 PM Vikings at Bears 1:00 PM Chiefs at Browns 1:00 PM Texans at Raiders 4:05 PM Jaguars at Dolphins 4:05 PM Buccaneers at Steelers 4:15 PM Cowboys at Giants 4:15 PM Seahawks at Broncos 8:15 PM Monday, December 4 (ET) Panthers at Eagles 8:30 PM What are you staring at? Go, go and think about your choices and remember to place your picks on time! :wink:…

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