Redskins vs Eagles, Madden Sim

Washington Commanders

Its week 13 in the NFL and the NFC East has seen its first alteration at the #1 spot of the season. Washington’s loss to Atlanta knocked them down to #2 behind Philly. On opposite ends of the spectrum the Eagles are coasting on a 3 game winning streak while Washington is on a 2 game losing streak. These two teams meet today to decide who will be #1 in the NFC East The Skins win the toss and elect to kick off, it’s a good kick and the Eagles elect to down it in the end zone. At their 20 yard line McNabb drops back to pass on their first play. Its a 2 yard throw over the middle to #86 Brown that goes for 9 yards, Carlos Rogers was in coverage. On 2nd down the Eagles show run but pass again. McNabb tosses a strike to #86 again and the ball is now out at midfield. Rogers didn’t receive help from Taylor who had his nose in the backfield. With a fresh set of downs the Eagles drop back to pass and dare the Redskins to stop it. Lemar Marshall comes in on the blitz and gets to McNabb without being touched. On 2nd down with 16 yards to go the Eagles regroup and pass again. This time it’s a pass to Stallworth who makes a catch on Springs and gets down to Washington’s 31 yard line. The Redskins defensive front four aren’t getting any pressure on McNabb and he’s picking the secondary apart. It’s clear that this team will have to blitz if they want to have a shot in this game. The next play marks Philly’s first run of the day, it’s a run by Moats up the gut for a loss of one yard. On 2nd down McNabb drops back again, Marcus Washington comes in on the blitz and pressures McNabb but cant get to him. Donovan passes to #84 Baskett, gets the completion and the TD. Kenny Wright was in a one on one situation and simply got beat. 7-0 Philly Philly kicks the ball off and towards Randle El which is common, he gets a good return taking the ball out to the 27 yard line. The Redskins offense comes out onto the field knowing they will have to be more consistent than they have been in recent weeks. The first play is a run by TJ Duckett up the gut for a gain on 1 yard. On second down Jason drops back looking for Fauria. The Philly defensive line breaks through their blocks and forces Jason to his left, Moss follows suit and gets a missile from JC taking the ball to the 48 yard line. With a fresh set of downs the offense runs the ball, TJ gets another run between the tackles on the left side and gains 12 yards this time. The ball is at Philly’s 38 yard line, it’s another run to TJ. It’s a counter to the left and TJ gets it down the 21 yard line. It seems that the offense has gotten into a bit of a groove and has calmed early jitters. JC goes for the end zone on the next play to Cooley but it falls incomplete after being batted down. On 2nd down the Skins opt to pass twice in a row. They have two TE’s on the field but Fauria is in the slot. JC looks to Lloyd but a LB was aiding the DB in coverage. Jason looked to Fauria who was open, he made the throw, and Fauria made the catch and got the ball to the 7 yard line. TJ Duckett receives the hand off after Mike Sellers slid to his left in the backfield. Trotter went unblocked and was able to push TJ down to the ground before he could get to the edge and the ball comes out. #90 Howard picks up the ball and runs it back for a TD. Coach Gibbs challenged the play and it was reversed since TJ was down before the ball came out. Jason drops back to pass on 2nd down and gets the ball out to TJ on a swing pass but only gains a yard. Jason looks for Cooley on 3rd down but he drops the pass in the end zone. The Skins kick the FG. 7-3 Philly Philly downs the kick off in their end zone, choosing to take the ball at the 20. Philly comes right back out moving the ball through the air. McNabb’s first throw is a strike to #86 between Rogers and Taylor. Donovan completes the pass in the face of pressure and still was tackled by Marshall. With a fresh set of downs the Eagles run the ball with Moats for a 4 yard gain. For the first time in the game the Eagles decide to run the ball twice in a row and hand off to Moats again. The Eagles exploit the Skins fear of their passing game and run a draw. Rocky McIntosh gets to Moats after he gained about 8 yards but as he drags Moats down he punches the ball out with his right arm. Griffin recovered the fumbled in Philly territory. Washington takes the ball and runs it up the gut of Philly’s defense for a 4 yard gain on 1st down. TJ is held to a gain on one yard on 2nd down making it a 3rd and 5 situation. JC gets the 5 yards on 3rd down and adds on more with a 16 yard pass to Cooley which gets the ball to Philly’s 16 yard line. With the end zone in sight Washington drops back to pass but they forgot one thing, Jevon Kearse. Jon Jansen fails to block Kearse and protect JC who wasn’t looking that way. Kearse nails JC in the back and forces a fumble but it’s recovered by TJ. Faced with a 2nd and 21 situation JC drops back to pass and Eagles smell blood. They overload the offensive line again but JC gets out of the pocket to buy himself some time. He hits Randle El on a post pattern for the 1st down. The Skins fail to get the ball into the end zone again after 3 consecutive Jason Campbell throws. Two were to TJ in the backfield with made a 3rd and 4 situation. JC went into the end zone on 3rd down to Moss but the ball was batted down. 7-6 Philly With the ball at their 20 yard line the Eagles have 1:20 left on the clock. Quickly moving down the field via the air hasn’t been an issue for them thus far and they intend to do so again. McNabb drops back eyes #86 Brown again, he makes the throw into zone coverage and is intercepted by Sean Taylor at their 37 yard line. With a sense of urgency and frustration JC connects with Randle El on an out pattern. Antwaan was able to get both feet in on what looked like a late pass and fall out of bounds at the 11. The Skins who thus far have passed when in the red zone today elect to run the ball and wear down the clock. They hand off to TJ 3 times in a row, each time he inches closer. Faced with a 4th&1, the coaches tired of settling for FG’s go for it. The Skins run TJ one more time and it looks like he’s going to be stopped when #51 McCoy holds up Sellers in the hole and gets a hand on TJ but TJ drags him with him and pushes Sellers forward into the end zone. Philly kneels down to end the half. HALF The Redskins come out and look to build on their success in the 1st half. Betts downs the kick in the end zone and the ball is taken out to the 20 yard line. JC lets one rip out to midfield to Brandon Lloyd but its batted down by the Eagles defense. On 2nd down TJ Duckett is halted for no gain. With 3rd and long looming JC looks to Antwaan but a mix up in the route almost causes an interception. The Redskins are forced to punt. Frost gets off a nice punt that rolls to Philly’s 24 yard line. The Eagles run on 1st down to the right but it’s sniffed out by the defense with Moats tackled for a loss. Moats is able to make it 3rd and 8 after his 2nd run where he’s tackled by Taylor. On 3rd down McNabb is blitzed and tackled by Kenny Wright but not before he gets the pass off to Moats in the flats for the 1st down. Sean Taylor was in position to save the 1st down but got turned around. Moats gets another pass in the flats for 8 yards but takes it much further. He jukes and makes two Redskins miss as he gets the ball out to the 39 yard line of Washington territory. McNabb continues to pass down the field and with the ball at the 17 yard line he drops back again. This time Skins blitz everyone except Rogers, Springs and Taylor. Archuleta got to McNabb first and knocked him into Marshall for a loss of 11 yards. The Eagles strike back and get to within one yard of converting. On third down they run a sweep but Marshall and Springs converge on Moats and hold him back. 13-10 Skins Jason Campbell has the ball at the 20 yard line and the Skins don’t waste any time. In a change of pace the offense starts out in the shotgun formation. Santana Moss runs a drag route right down the conversion line and makes the catch. He runs the entire length of the field for the TD. An unselfish Brandon Lloyd makes a key block on the play. Trotter would have blind sided Moss, those types of hits lead to fumbles but Lloyd took him out which aided Moss in his TD run. 20-10 Skins The Eagles down a booming kick off in their end zone and take the ball at the 20. Moats gains 6 yards on 1st down to open up some options for their offense on 2nd down. McNabb drops back to pass on 2nd down to no surprise but the blitz forced an early throw and the subsequent incomplete pass but that would be the Redskins last bit of luck. McNabb continues to pass his way downfield and it’s obvious that the inconsistent Redskin offense will be forced to win this game. As the Eagles march down to the goal line well rested and hardly used Moats pushes his way into the end zone. The Skins simply can’t stop the Eagles passing game. 20-17 Skins Antwaan receives the Eagles kick off and runs his way to the 38 yard line, setting up the offense with great field position. On 1st down the Skins run the ball for a gain of 1 yard. Cooley is the recipient of a pass on 2nd down and gets the 1st down while moving the ball into Philly territory. With a fresh set of downs the Skins hand off to TJ, he gets 6 more yards. On 2nd down TJ is forced to leap over #52 Sharper who bursts through the line unblocked, Randy Thomas breaks off of his block and pancakes Sharper but they clog the hole and the commotion causes TJ to lose the ball but Randy Thomas recovers the fumble. Faced with a 3rd and 8, JC drops back and looks downfield. He finds Brandon Lloyd across the middle for the 1st down. JC drops back again and looks to pass to TJ out in the flats but TJ lets the ball fall out of his hands and incomplete. At Philly’s 30 yard line JC drops back again and looks at Brandon Lloyd, the pass is high so that Lloyd can use his jumping ability to get it and he does just that, the ball is at Philly’s 5 yard line. In a very un-Gibbs like chain of events, Jason Campbell drops back to pass again in the red zone, maybe it was due to TJ’s butter fingers. Jason runs out towards his left with 2 Eagles pursuing and #51 McCoy guarding the end zone. Lloyd is in the mist of 3 Eagles deep in the end zone; he runs back to the front and catches a high pass from JC for the TD. 27-17 Skins With that score the Skins make it a two possession game with 2:19 left in the game. McNabb and the Eagles take the ball at the 20 yard line to begin their drive. McNabb drives the Eagles down the field with dinking and dunking passes. The Skins defense is willing to allow the Eagles to eat up the clock and yardage but don’t want to give up the big play. With the ball in Redskins territory the McNabb is intercepted by Rocky McIntosh on a pass intended for Stallworth over the middle. The Skins run the out the clock. Final 27-17…

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