A Little Perspective

Washington Commanders

As I listened to caller after caller tell John Riggins that Joe Gibbs should quit, that the team should be blown up, that major, wholesale changes were the only way to save the sinking ship that is the Washington Redskins, I couldn’t help but throw up in my mouth a little bit. Aren’t these the same people who always used to talk about how there was no stability in the organization and that this team would never be successful until there was. Where has all of the new coaches, the wholesale changes and roster implosions gotten us as Redskin fans? It got us one playoff appearance in 12 years prior to the return of Coach Joe. Is that really what we as fans want to strive for? Not this fan. As a matter of fact, it was a wholesale change this season that undoubtedly has contributed to the struggles this season. Al Saunders high-flying offense will make us an offensive powerhouse in the future, but implementing it the year after a deep playoff run means that the Redskins offense has to take a step back in order to take two steps forward. Was it absolutely necessary? Perhaps not, but then what do fans really know about the inner workings of the team? The bottom line is this: what this team needs in stability. What Jason Campbell needs is to have to off-season to build on his experience and knowledge of Al Saunder’s system, not learn a completely new offense for the eighth straight season. What the team needs is to continue to grow and move in one direction, rather than trying a new direction every couple of years. Besides, the attitude of Redskins fandom when Joe Gibbs came back was to trust in Gibbs, because if he can’t win here, no one can. He is fighting an up-hill battle to change a culture of losing twelve years in the making. How quickly we fickle fans…

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