Hognostications Week 17

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Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Due to time constraints, this week’s Hognostications will be brief – considering my picks this year, many may consider it a late Christmas gift. Happy New Year to all and good luck with your hognosticating.

New York Giants at Washington
So we couldn’t eliminate the Sheep, how ‘bout the Midgets? This tough season finally comes to a close for our beloved Skins. Let’s hope we look back on it as a learning experience for JC and company, everyone gets healthy, and our defense returns to form next season.
Pick – Redskins

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
Who would have thought at the beginning of the season that neither of these two teams would likely make the playoffs?
Pick – Bengals

Detroit at Dallas
How sweet was that Christmas shellacking of the Pukes? If only it wasn’t Philthy on the opposite end with the victory. Personally, I’m hoping this week holds to form and the Pukes lose the division title and then avoid their first playoff win in over a decade. With the loss, the Lions will secure another #1 pick.
Pick – Pukes

Cleveland at Houston
The Texans provided the biggest shocker last week. This week, David Carr will continue to try and save his job and roster spot with the Texans.
Pick – Texans

Jacksonville at Kansas City
Both these 8-7 teams need a win and help to make the playoffs.
Pick – Chiefs

St. Louis at Minnesota
The Rams have to win AND have the Giants, Panthers and Falcons lose to make the playoffs.
Pick – Rams

Carolina at New Orleans
The Panthers hope to get Delhomme back and will be rooting for the Skins, along with the Rams on Saturday night. Neither will be enough, as the Saints wrap up their fairy tale season.
Pick – Saints

Oakland at New York Jets
A win and the Jets and first-year coach Eric Mangini are in. Impressive season for the rookie coach and the Jets who are 5-2 since their bye, thanks in part to a soft schedule.
Pick – Jets

Seattle at Tampa Bay
This is a tough pick, considering it’s a meaningless game for the Seahawks, who can still win their worthless division with a fourth straight loss. Sadly, this could be Mike Alstott’s last game.
Pick – Seahawks

New England at Tennessee
This turned out to be a tough pick and could be a tough one to win for the Patriots. The Titans are playing for their seventh straight win and hanging on for their playoff lives. I’d like to see them make it and may regret not picking them again this week.
Pick – Patriots

Buffalo at Baltimore
The Raisins are playing to secure a first-round bye. The loss to the Titans last week took the Bills out of playoff contention.
Pick – Raisins

San Francisco at Denver
A must-win for the Broncos who were mighty lucky last week at home against the Bengals.
Pick – Broncos

Miami at Indianapolis
The Colts need a win and a Raisin loss for the AFC’s second seed.
Pick – Colts

Atlanta at Philadelphia
The Eagles are playing for the East title, while the Falcons, losers of 6 of their last 8, need a win and some help to make the post season. Don’t count on it. Mora and Vick could be done in Atlanta.
Pick – Philthy

Arizona at San Diego
Kurt Warner’s last hurrah. What a season for the Chargers and LT, who will win their franchise record 14th this season.
Pick – Chargers

Green Bay at Chicago
The game is meaningless to the Bears, who could win their 14th game of the season. The Pack will be another of those teams rooting for the Skins on Saturday and could know their playoff fate before their kickoff.
Pick – Bears

Last Week’s Results: 8-8
Season to Date: 137-102

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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