Late season win in the Madden Sim.

Washington Commanders

We apologize for not being able to provide a simulation for the past two weeks. With an overheated Xbox 360 out for repair we were without a gaming system. Within our simulation the Eagles and Skins are locks for the playoffs. A win for Dallas would catapult them into a wild card berth. The Giants needs to beat the Skins today to keep their slim hopes alive. The Eagles and Skins are tied for 1st in the East but the Skins hold tie breakers that would give them the honors if they win today. Betts takes the first play of the day for a gain of 5 yards. The run up the middle catches the Gmen off guard and reeling. The ball is at the 26 yard line on 2nd down with 5 yards to go. Jason Campbell fakes the run to Betts and moves outside the pocket to his right. Brandon Lloyd is double covered but Moss is open across the middle, Jason connects with Moss for the first down. With the ball at the 38 yard line the Skins run a stretch play to the left for no yards. For the consecutive second down in a row the Skins throw the ball but the pass for Lloyd is batted down. Lloyd was late coming out his break but the DB wasn’t and was able to close on the ball faster than the WR. Facing a daunting 3rd and 10 situation the Skins come out in the shot gun with 3 WR’s. Jason rifles a pass to Moss again for the Redskins consecutive conversion and new position in Giants territory at their 42 yard line. Sensing an urge to move from the run game the Skins abandon that thought. Another dose of Betts is the doctors orders as he gains 8 yards on 1st down to the 34 yard line. On 2nd down the Skins look to pass the ball but it’s intercepted. Jason never saw a wide open Cooley but tried to force the pass to Moss instead. #51 Emmons was covering underneath of Moss and made the interception for no gain as Jason Campbell tackled him to save the TD. Manning doesn’t waste any time trying to move down field. The Skins looking for run are in a bad position to defend Shockey, who catches a pass for 18 yards. With the ball securely in Skins territory the Giants opt to pass again. The pass is intended for Cooley who has Taylor, Rocky and Rogers converging on him as he attempts to catch the ball. However, he’s not able to get a hold on it and the Skins let him have it as he walks back to the huddle. The Redskins defense has the Giants in a hole and know that they need to pass from here on out. On 2nd down out of the shotgun formation, Manning throws to Toomer but instead hits Rogers in the helmet with the pass and subsequently falls incomplete. 3rd and 10 is what the Gmen are facing and its time for the Skins defense to tee-off on Manning, but they are too excited and are called for encroachment making it 3rd and 5. The Skins don’t back down and still blitz, confusing the Giants offensive line. The line was so worried about Rocky and Marshall that they forgot about Griffin who gets the sack. The Giants now have to punt to Randle El who lets the ball go into the end zone. With a new set of downs and another chance to score the Redskins come out in the full house formation. With Betts, Sellers and Cooley in the backfield they run for a gain of 1. The next play is a broken play, with Moss and Lloyd covered JC attempts to pass to Sellers but it falls incomplete. JC’s next pass to Lloyd falls incomplete as the Skins are forced to punt. The Gmen have the ball at their 38 yard line after the punt but lose a yard during their 1st run of the night. Marshall met Tiki behind the line for a loss of a yard. On 2nd down at the sight of a blitzing Marcus Washington, Manning audibles. The play is a toss to the right that causes Marcus to blow past the runner but he is able to foul up the blocking which aides his team in stopping the play after a gain of only 2. Faced with a 3rd and 9 the Giants again are forced to pass, a blitzing Marshall is held up at the line which allows Manning to get the pass off but its deflected by Taylor and falls incomplete. The Skins start their drive at the 31 yard line after a 9 yard punt return by Randle El. Its 1st down with Lloyd, Moss, Randle El, Cooley and Betts on the field. Jason throws a bomb to Brandon Lloyd who has to dive to catch the ball at the 4 yard line exactly. Jason threw a 64 yard pass that puts him at 94 for the day. The Skins run the ball twice, once to the 1 yard line and another to punch it in for the TD. 7-0 Skins The Gmen don’t seem too intent in brandishing their great RB Tiki Barber and start another drive off by passing, Manning connects on a 25 yard pass with Toomer down to the 45 yard line. The Giants get another easy 1st down by running a draw play with Tiki that goes for 12 yards. With another set of fresh downs the Giants pass but only gain a yard down to the Skins 42 yard line. Another pass from Manning gets the Giants to the 29 yard line, Toomer seems like he can’t be covered today. Griffin rears his head again on 1st down, tackling Barber behind the line of scrimmage for a loss of 4. Shawn Springs drops a gimme interception on 2nd down, he wouldn’t have been touched as he raced down the sidelines. The pass was intended for Burress. On 3rd and long a quick pass to Shockey beats the rush and gets the ball to the 14 yard line. The defense calls a time out to conserve time but get torched on another draw play that goes for a TD. 7-7 Tie The Redskins have a little over a minute to score a TD before the half. Antwaan almost breaks off a return for a TD but is caught. On 2nd down JC is saved by Betts who stops Wilkinson who was on a jail break. The entire Giants defense chased JC until he threw up a pass for grabs to Lloyd and Madison. Lloyd came down with the pass in Giants territory but not before taking a nasty shot. An aggressive play call on the next play falls incomplete, the TD bomb for Moss is batted down in double coverage. On 2nd down a pass to Lloyd is caught for a 1st down with McQuarters covering. JC takes another shot in the end zone but its batted down after he waives Cooley to break off of his route. With 1 minute and 16 seconds left the Skins elect to run the ball. Betts gets 8 yards on the run and the Skins go into a hurry up mode. The Skins get multiple chances to get the ball in the end zone and fail to. Gibbs gambles and fourth down and the perfect play is called. Nobody covered Betts coming out of the backfield but he drops the pass as time expires in the half and the game remains tied. HALF Tiki gains 5 yards on the 1st play of the second half. Another run for a gain of 4 makes it 3rd and 9 but Manning converts on 3rd with a great pass. Another Manning pass goes for 10 yards taking the pass to the 44 yard line of the Skins. The Skins finally get some pressure on Manning on his next pass falls incomplete. The refs call a horrible pass interference call and gets the Giants down to the 20. Sensing an impeding score the defense lashes out and goes for broke. They blitz the entire defense aside from the two DB’s and Taylor. The usual suspects Griffin, Marcus, Rocky and Archuleta converge on Manning sending him back to the 33 yard line. The defense forces the Giants to kick the FG. 10-7 Giants Not looking to be shown up by the Giants, the Skins know they must put up TD’s. Jason’s 1st throw of the drive is another strike to Lloyd who knowingly broke from his pattern to aid his QB in distress. Lloyd is having a huge day and is showing why he was acquired in the off season. After 2 losses in the backfield by Betts and a failed 3rd down conversion the Skins are forced to punt. The Skins down the punt at the 13 yard line. A run from Tiki is for a loss as the Skins attempt to get the ball back for their offense. On 2nd down the Giants attempt a pass to Shockey but the pressure forces an errant e throw and its batted down by Taylor. The Giants run a draw to no avail on 3rd down and are forced to punt. The Skins get the ball at their 45 yard line. TJ Duckett get his number called for the 1st time today, he rumbles for 5 yards as the Skins attempt to milk the clock. Another run for 5 yards converts and allows the Skins to continue their drive. From the 32 yard line the Skins run a counter out of the full house package. TJ runs throw Umenyiora as he’s escorted by his line into the end zone. TJ had 5 rushes for 47 yards on this drive, now its up to the defense to stop a Giants TD, will going for it at the end of the half come back to haunt the team? 14-10 Skins From their 20 yard line the Giants attempt to pass with 1:50 remaining in the game. The pass to Shockey falls incomplete, coverage by Adam Archuleta. Eli drops back to pass on 2nd down and is forced into another bad throwing decision but this time it’s intercepted. Rogers gambles and leaps for the pick, if he had missed there was no safety help to stop the TD. Rogers races in for the TD and carries a desperate Eli Manning with him into the end zone for 6 points. 21-10 Skins The Giants get the ball back in hopes to score quickly and try an onside kick. However, Manning is intercepted again by Rogers at Washington’s 43 yard line. The Skins run out the clock and seal up a win. *The Redskins finish the season with the 14th ranked offense and 10th ranked defense. *Jason Campbell finished the season with a QB rating of 73.8. *Kenny Wright led the team with 8 interceptions. Taylor, Springs, Marshall came up with 4. *Marshall led the team with 84 tackles. *Daniels led the team with 6 sacks, newcomer Carter…

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