Hall of Shame Time?

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It’s that time of year again. Time for Redskin fans to gear up for their annual Hall of Fame disappointment. This year, there are two Redskins up for disappointment; the ever-present Art Monk, and Russ Grimm. The two legendary former Redskins made the first induction ‘cut’, along with fifteen others.

Paul Tagliabue, wide receivers Monk, Michael Irvin and Andre Reed, guards Grimm and Bob Kuechenberg, tackles Bruce Matthews and Gary Zimmerman, running back Thurman Thomas, defensive ends Fred Dean and Richard Dent, linebackers Derrick Thomas and Andre Tippett, cornerback Roger Wehrl, and punter Ray Guy make up the final list of nominees.

The Hall of Fame’s Senior Committee also nominated former Cleveland Browns guard Gene Hickerson and Detroit Lions tight end Charlie Sanders back in August 2006.

Redskin fans have beat the Art Monk issue to death. That sounds bad. Redskin fans are sick of defending someone who is constantly being cheated. Some have seen Monk’s career statistics so often that they can recite them from memory. The brutal reality of the Monk situation is that there are no REAL reasons for keeping him out. Some of the voting writers dug their heels in on Monk’s induction to Canton a long time ago. It often seems that Monk is the first player in Hall of Fame history to have to have beat every record and mark available to him to get in.

Some of those aforementioned writers appear to have perhaps loosened their stance a little this season, but only time will tell. Was it lip service or are they finally going to do the right thing and give Monk their vote? One could say that it’s about time that a wrong was righted, but it’s long past that. If the wrong is finally undone, THN will be in Canton waiting for Art to show up.

The other Redskins finalist is Grimm. All former members of ‘the Hogs’ seem to be constantly penalized by their unity and their oneness. You hear garbage like, ‘no one individual stood out’ and things of that nature. Pure Hog Wash!

Despite the lunch pail nature of the gang, several members of the Hogs are worthy of induction. Some might argue that ALL of the original members are worthy. But Grimm and Joe Jacoby were perennial all-Madden guys and all stars. They constantly stood out as being unparalleled in their offensive line performances. If year after year you are the finest in the game at your position, are you not worthy of induction?

What statistics do you look at for the linemen? Surely there’s a recipe in there somewhere for the success that the individuals’ TEAMS received? Winning a few Super Bowls must count for something? Heck the Hogs were so dominant they helped romanticize the position forever more.

While it shouldn’t matter, perhaps Grimm’s current situation will help get him in. He’s a top candidate in the offseason coaching carousel, and he’s a legitimate front runner for the Pittsburgh Steelers head coaching job. Perhaps the added publicity will help Grimm’s cause, because he belongs in Canton.

So does Art Monk.

Should Redskin fans start practicing their ‘disappointed’ face, or will the Hall of Fame voters finally end the madness?

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Mark Solway

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