licking our wounds, but looking foward. i guess.

Washington Commanders

I’m bored. I’m really bummed that football is over… … At the end of the season though, I couldn’t wait for the suffering to end. Or so I thought. Man did we ever suck. Now that feeling has followed most of us into the off-season. For some reason, I don’t want to get excited over the draft or free agency. It’s almost written in stone that the Redskins WILL BLOW IT. Doom and Gloom it seems. With this team, it’s all or nothing. Win now. And it just hasn’t produced. A lot of us fans have thought about adding a General Manager(most recently, Floyd Reese). That position, at this point, won’t really solve anything. I think we all want something to throw a little blame on. Or, at least, see a little bit of a more \x93normal\x94 structure in place. A GM is a piece of the puzzle that also has to fit with what’s going on around him, unless you are in the mood for another “re-building year” (or three). Round pegs don’t fit into square holes. Furthermore, hiring a GM at this point would almost “step on” Joe Gibbs’ toes. When he was hired, most of us said, “…as long as Danny doesn’t get in his way, good things…… blah,blah, etc. Let Joe run it.” To this point, as far as it seems, Danny has only done what was asked of him. Cerrato is still judging talent though. 😡 And, unfortunately “part-time and back seat” GMs don’t really exist. You end up with a guy like Cerrato. A guy like Reese is probably not looking to work under anyone. He’s looking to take charge of a team, ground up, so to speak. So I think that hiring Reese is a moot point. Cerrato, is however, the ONE consistent name that has been in place while the Skins have fumbled a large number of draft picks, and free agents. So, as long as his 2 cents are on the team draft and free agent rankings, … :puke: I’ve been saying for years, start by axing Vinny. Too bad he plays in to what is going on with the team now. No. It’s Joe Gibbs’ mess. Let him fix it. Or at least give him his time. He signed for five years….. two years left. I like to think we’ll be able to compete for it all by the time he goes. But who knows. The team has a win now approach. Joe is a great coach, but if we don’t make a run while he’s here, it’s back to the drawing board. He can only prepare us for the future so much with the win now approach(not to mention salary cap) in place. He’s a great team leader, so I’m hoping for the best. Hell, I’ve suffered this long, two more years won’t hurt. Maybe then, it will be time for a GM. I’m depressed about our team, but still hoping for the best. So raise your drink, here’s to a SMART off-season.. for once.. and a pass rusher – and, please, please, PLEASE can we keep an idea of a group of players and scheme in IN PLACE for longer than six months at a time??!! It can’t get any worse right? -drinking (gulps entire brew, slams beer bottle on desk until it shatters, then slams head into broken glass, cracks desktop and skull at the same time, rolls onto floor bleeding like a stuck hog for 3 hrs then dies ) /end rant. Go Skins…

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