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NFL Draft

Between now and the 2007 NFL Draft, THN will be taking a look at all of the NFL teams’ offseason needs. Up next is the team with the eleventh overall pick in the draft, the San Francisco 49ers.

2006 Results: 7-9 (3rd in NFC West)

2007 Projected Cap Status: $42.1 million under the Cap

2006 Season Recap:

Throughout the 2006 season, the San Francisco 49ers experienced disappointment due to a few vital mistakes. Disappointing results in regards to turnovers, time of possession, and proper tackling were what caused their season to end the way it did. Despite consistent play from the NFC’s leading Rusher – Frank Gore – the Niners’ offense wasn’t something to set your watch to. The offense consistently went three and out, did not convert vital third-down situations, and they committed game ending turnovers in key situations. All of that resulted in the defense becoming worn down when it counted and eventually missing tackles even though coaches had their players in the right position to win, they simply could not execute.

Team Needs:

1. Wide Receiver – San Francisco still lacks a legitimate #1 receiver. Antonio Bryant is on very shaky ground, not so much for his on-field production but for being suspended for four games, two of which will be served at the start of the 2007 regular season. Bryant was suspended for such a long term because he violated the league’s substance abuse policy. Look for this position to be upgraded because after Bryant and Battle, there’s not much left.

2. Cornerback – Walt Harris had a great year and Shawntae Spencer was hot and cold, but once you get past those two players this team is lacking. The 49ers need to upgrade their nickel package; Davis filled this role for the 2006 season and was a constant liability.

3. Defensive Tackle – Since Bryant Young is a question mark with regards to his possible return for the 2007 season; the 49ers have a lot to look at with this position. Looking to move to a 3-4 defense would force them to look for a stud defensive tackle that they do not presently have.

2007 draft picks:

Rd. 1 (11th)
Rd. 2 (43rd)
Rd. 3 (76th)
Rd. 4 (100th)
Rd. 4 (106th)
Rd. 4 (120th)
Rd. 5 (137th)
Rd. 6 (171st)

Free Agency Status:

Unrestricted Free Agents:
FB Chris Hetherington
WR Brian Gilmore
TE Eric Johnson
C Jeremy Newberry
DT Anthony Adams
DT Lance Legree
LB Jay Foreman
LB Hannibal Navies
LB T.J. Slaughter
DB Deke Cooper
DB Chad Williams

Restricted Free Agents:
RB Maurice Hicks
FS Mike Adams

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