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Day Two Combine Notes

By Mark Solway | February 24th, 2007

Friday saw the arrival of the quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers to the 2007 NFL Combine. Exactly 100 players arrived at the combine yesterday, 90 on Thursday. So far, Tennessee wide receiver Bret Smith is the only player slated to arrive that hasn’t.

Day two consisted of more weigh-ins and interviews for the quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs, but the offensive linemen and tight ends that arrived on day one also did some psychological testing and started their workouts.

The offensive linemen did their bench press workouts, and both Texas Tech guard Manuel Ramirez, and Texas guard Justin Blalock benched 225 pounds, 40 times. Here are some other notable results: Levi Brown – 31 reps, Joe Thomas – 28 reps, Ryan Kalil – 34 reps, Dustin Fry – 34 reps, Brandon Frye – 34 reps, Nathan Bennett – 34 reps.

All of the players are weighed and have their height measured accurately when they arrive, so that there can be no ‘tippy-toes’ or exaggerations. Here are some of the most notable players’ unofficial statistics from yesterday’s measurements:

Jamarcus Russell – 6’5 1/2″ – 265 pounds
Brady Quinn – 6’3 1/2″ – 233 pounds
Troy Smith – 6′ – 225 pounds
Chris Leak – 5’11 7/8″ – 203 pounds
Jordan Palmer – 6’5 5/8″ (tallest)
Reggie Ball – 5’10 5/8″ (shortrtest)

Running Backs:
Michael Bush – 6’1 3/4″ – 234 pounds
Adrian Peterson – 6’1-1/2″ – 217 pounds
Marshawn Lynch – 5’11”, 215 pounds
Darius Walker, 5’10”, 206 pounds
Kenny Irons, 5’11”, 203 pounds
Tony Hunt – 6’1 1/2” – 233 pounds
Dante Rosario – 6′ 3 2/8″ (tallest)
Garrett Wolfe – 5’7 1/2″ (shortest)

Wide Receivers:
Calvin Johnson – 239 pounds
Paul Williams – 6’1” – 205 pounds
Matt Trannon – 6’6″ (tallest)
Syndric Steptoe – 5’8 5/8″ (shortest)

Other Notes:

Cleveland won the coin toss aganst Tampa Bay and will have the third overall selection in the draft. The Bucs will select fourth.

Corey Dillon has apparently asked for a trade or is going to retire, depending on who you listen to, regardless, the Pats’ need to draft a RB may have just increased.

Dominic Rhodes of the Indianapolis Colts was charged with DUI and management didn’t seem too impressed. The team basically just issued a statement that Rhodes was due to become a free agent in a few days.

Day Three will see a lot of the individual workouts begin. Stay tuned.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Mark Solway

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