Overspending ???

Washington Commanders

We know the Salary Cap goes up every year and every year the new class of free agents will make more than those in years past. (see Dockery vs Hutchinson deals). We didn’t fork over the $49 million that it took to get DD to sign a peice of paper but had we the big story all weekend would have been how “the Danny” is overpaying players and throwing the payscale out of whack. If ttiT were to do it, they’d blame big market teams but it’s the Bills that got this started and the players have to be loving it. Today on the four letter network you still here how the Redskins are spending big in free agency :hmm: Best I can tell the Redskins have signed 2 players to a total of $50 Million. That’s not throwing money around, that’s finding guys to fill needs and paying signing them to deals they may actually complete. Given a guy 1 million dollars less and signing him for 7 seven years is probably back-loaded but $16 million up front ❓ That’s throwing money around. To summarize: The Redskins get two guys that will be on the field day one of the upcoming season, both know the scheme and have played for the DC in the past and together they cost $50 million for 5 years and a total of $10 million up front MAX (not sure what Smoot got yet). The Bill got one guy who will have to learn a new system, new coaches, new tendencies and hadn’t shown anything until his contract year (not knocking Dock , but it is what it is) for 2 years longer but only spent $1 million dollars less than the Skins and at least $6 million more upfront. Whose the team throwing money around ❓ 😯 ❓ The Niners paid $80 million for Nate Clements – Nate’s no Champ, I wonder if San Fran realize they could have signed three Smoots for what they paid for for Nate (another guy whose best year was his contract year 😯 ). I lot of this took me by surprise, the money being thrown around is crazy, but we knew it was coming. Last year before free agency started everybody knew what the cap would be this year, in past years you could guess but last year there was a hard number to shoot for. With the Redskins taking a low profile in free agency so far I had a little time on my hands, it’s not good when I have free time (mental impulses arn’t normally a good thing for me and they normally happen when I have too much time on my hands). My mind drifted but not far. I remember the flack the front office took last year for the deals that were made at this time last year. We signed Randle-El and traded for Brandon Lloyd, so I looked at how much more receivers were getting this year compared to what we paid last year. Randle-El signed as a free agent last year and he got a 7 year $30 million deal. (LAST YEAR) http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60×80/302217.jpg Position: WR Height: 5-10 Weight: 192 Born: 08/17/1979 College: Indiana NFL Experience: 6 Receiving Year Team G GS Rec Yds Avg Lg TD 20+ 40+ 1st TOTAL .. 80 39 194 2363 12.2 63 10 35 3 115 His last year is voidable, so what we have here left is a 5 year deal thats worth roughly $26 million. Drew Bennett was signed today to a 6 years/$30 million deal http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60×80/245091.jpg Position: WR Height: 6-5 Weight: 206 Born: 08/26/1978 College: UCLA NFL Experience: 7 Receiving Year Team G GS Rec Yds Avg Lg TD 20+ 40+ 1st TOTAL .. 87 57 273 4033 14.8 55 25 59 13 203 Comparable stats but one has a year in the system, returns kicks and and the most of the cash pay out is in the past. Throw in a years worth of NFL inflation and can you really say the Redskins overpaid for ARE ❓ If you think so, then how about this “the Jaguars agree to terms with Northcutt ” ](*,) An average of $3.4 million per season with a $4.5 million signing bonus on a 5 year deal ROTFALMAO Doesn’t seem like we overpaid considering where the market is heading The Pats (aren’t the a bit out of whack thiss year too) will have to give up a draft pick for Wes Welker… http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60×80/493735.jpg Position: WR Height: 5-9 Weight: 185 Born: 05/01/1981 College: Texas Tech NFL Experience: 4 Receiving Year Team G GS Rec Yds Avg Lg TD 20+ 40+ 1st TOTAL .. 47 3 96 1121 11.7 47 1 15 2 53 They signed him to a 7 years/$38.5 million offer sheet today. We traded for B-Lloyd http://images.nfl.com/images/players/60×80/396021.jpg Position: WR Height: 6-0 Weight: 192 Born: 07/05/1981 College: Illinois NFL Experience: 5 Receiving Year Team G GS Rec Yds Avg Lg TD 20+ 40+ 1st TOTAL .. 60 41 128 1875 14.6 89 13 24 8 84 and gave him roughly the same thing ARE got, so we know where we stand currently on him. Again A year in the system and a lot less money compared to what he would have cost this year. Most weren’t happy with BLloyd’s production last year but he’s done more than the guys getting paid more this off season. This all led me to 2 questions. 1. Did the Redskins really over pay for ARE and BLloyd or are they again ahead of the curve? 2. Would you rather have Wes Welker and Drew Bennett at their current contracts or Lloyd ans Randle-El at what they are making? Bonus question… Does answer 1 jive with…

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