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Between now and the 2007 NFL Draft, THN will be taking a look at all of the NFL teams’ offseason needs. Up next is the team with the fourteenth overall pick in the draft, the Carolina Panthers.

2006 Results: 8-8, 2nd in NFC South
2007 Projected Cap Status: $ 107,200,000 ($1.8 million in cap space)

2006 Season Recap:

After reaching the 2005 NFC Championship, Carolina entered the 2006 season with high expectations. Picked by many to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, the Panthers were one of the season’s biggest disappointments, failing to even make the playoffs. The Panthers lackluster season led to offensive coordinator Dan Henning’s firing.

The Panthers also have less than $2 million in cap room to work with.

Team Needs:

1. Linebacker – Two starters are free agents and the team is concerned about Dan Morgan’s health. Look for the team to address this position in the offseason.

2. Safety – Mike Minter and Shaun Williams both tied for third on the team in tackles so talent with the starters isn’t an issue but the team would benefit with the addition of youthful depth. Williams is a free agent as well.

3. Tight End – Three tight ends caught passes in 2006 and only produced about nine percent of the team’s receiving yards. The team could look for a tight end to help divert attention from Steve Smith and Keyshawn Johnson.

2007 Draft Picks:
1st Round – 15th Overall
2nd Round – 45th Overall
3rd Round – 83rd Overall
4th Round – 114th Overall
5th Round – 145th Overall
6th Round – 176th Overall
7th Round – 207th Overall

Free agency status:

Fordham, Todd OL
Williams, Shaun S
Draft, Chris LB
Diggs, Na’il LB
Howard, Reggie CB
Kadela, Dave OL
Moorehead, Kindal DT
Seidman, Mike TE
Branch, Colin S
Ciurciu, Vinny LB

Peters, Scott OL
Gaines, Michael TE
Carter, Drew WR
Carstens, Jordan DT

Morton, Christian CB
Salley, Nate S
Samp, Chris C

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