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NFL Draft

Between now and the 2007 NFL Draft, THN will be taking a look at all of the NFL teams’ off-season needs. Up next is the team with the 28th overall pick in the draft, the New England Patriots.

2006 Results: 12-4 (1st in AFC East)

2007 Projected Cap Status: $26.98 M million under the Cap

2006 Season Recap:

With their dynasty now over, the Patriots united and beat the odds once more. The roster was full of holes due to many off-season departures. As each week came and went, the holes were filled by Coach Bill Belichick until they looked like a complete team again at the end of the season. Their 12-4 record earned them a playoff date with their division rival NY Jets. After w in there, they traveled to San Diego where they defeated the Chargers. Their season came to a halt after losing to their arch nemesis, the Indianapolis Colts, one game shy of their 6th Super Bowl appearance.

Team needs:

1. Wide Receiver: The Pats lack a receiver that forces teams to stop crowding the line of scrimmage. Reche Caldwell had a decent year and Jabar Gaffney stepped up late in the season but Brady needs more lethal weapons at his disposal. They have suffered some massive losses at the position in recent years and they could use a top-flight talent.

2. Defensive Back: With Asante Samuel receiving the franchise tag the Patriots have eased their woes at this position a bit. Another area of concern is Rodney Harrison and whether or not he can stay healthy for an entire year.

3. Linebacker: The Patriots don’t have a future starting LB in the wings to take over for their aging veterans. Teddy Bruschi, Rosevelt Colvin and Mike Vrabel who are all over the age of 30 were exposed for their lack of speed against the Colts. They need to start planning for the future.

2007 draft picks:

Rd. 1 (24th)
Rd. 1 (28th)
Rd. 2 (60th)
Rd. 3 (91st)
Rd. 4 (123rd)
Rd. 6 (165th)
Rd. 6 (187th)
Rd. 7 (219th)

Free Agency Status:

Exclusive Rights Free Agents:
Alexander, Eric LB
Britt, Wesley OT
Mays, Corey LB
Shelton, Matt WR
Williams, Gemara CB
Wright, Wright DL

Un-Restricted Free Agents:
Banta-Cain, Tully LB
Brown, Troy WR
Davis, Don LB
Evans, Heath FB
Gardner, Barry LB
Graham, Daniel TE
Pass, Patrick FB
Seau, Junior LB

Restricted Free Agents:
Baker, Rashad S
Gay, Randall CB
Yates, Billy OG

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