What’s it Going To Be Then, Eh?

Washington Commanders

What’s it Going To Be Then, Eh? Just days away from the NFL Draft and with the Redskins picking in the sixth spot, and then not again until day two, the proverbial wad is going to be blown early. I love draft day. I love the boredom of it. I love the pain-staking amount of time between each pick. I love the repetitive interviews. I love the bad commentary when lesser known quantities are selected. I love the over-zealous predictions. I love the bloated value that players’ post playing careers have on their draft stock. I love all of it. I don’t really know why. The Redskins have the sixth pick in the draft and the only thing that I personally am certain of, is that the Redskins would love to deal that pick into a few more. The truth of the matter though, is that everybody wants to deal down for an extra pick on draft day, and it’s become increasingly difficult to accomplish. We can wax poetic about what could happen, but in reality, the Redskins will likely actually make the sixth selection in the 2007 NFL Draft. It’s fun to play NFL genral manager though, isn’t it? Here’s an ideal Redskin scenario in my opinion: The Raiders take Russell with number one, the Lions trade their pick to Tampa Bay who are afraid that someone else will grab Calvin Johnson. The Bucs take Johnson and the Lions take Joe Thomas with the pick from the Bucs at four. In between, the Browns take Adrian Peterson; and the Cards round out the top five with Gaines Adams. Are you with me so far? Nothing too radical right? The Bucs/Lions trade doesn’t even need to happen to see those four go to those four teams, it was just fun to put it in. Russell, Thomas, Peterson, Johnson, and Adams could just go in the one through five selections as is. Then it’s the Redskins turn to pick, and Brady Quinn is still on the board. The Vikings want Quinn and so do others, but the Vikings can offer the very next pick and a later round pick. They don’t want someone else to get Quinn, so they pull the trigger. They send their seventh pick, their fourth round pick (102nd overall), and their seventh round pick (217th overall) for the Redskins sixth overall pick. Pick values for the picks are 1600 for the Redskins pick, and 1500, 92, and 5.6 for the Vikings’ picks. So after all of that, the Vikings select Brady Quinn with the number six overall, and the Redskins are on the clock. Now you hope the Falcons call, and if they don’t, you call them. It’s not any secret that they really like LaRon Landry and he’s a very viable pick for Washington at number seven. Can the Redskins move down one spot again? Sure they can, it’s a fantasy draft. Washington trades the seventh overall pick (1500 points) to Atlanta, for the eighth overall pick (1400 points), their fourth round pick (109th overall – and worth 76 points), and their sixth round pick (185th overall – and worth 18.4 points). The numbers add up fine, and to add to the possibility, the Falcons would STILL have a fourth round selection thanks to a compensatory pick, as well as an additional seventh rounder to make up for the sixth that they shipped off to the Redskins. Atlanta selects LaRon Landry, and Washington is on the clock. This time, they pull the trigger on Amobi Okoye to address their defensive line concerns, and take a breath. They get a player that they could have easily selected at number six and been happy with, plus two additional fourth round picks, a sixth round pick, and a seventh round pick. That would give them a total of eight picks in rounds four through seven. They could make another move up into the third round by combining those picks, or just enjoy the few added selections that some poignant dealing got them. After all, it’s all so easy on paper. And judging by the increasing number of mock drafts on the internet, it’s even easier on your…

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