Camp Primer: Redskins’ New Faces

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Every NFL off-season brings personnel changes – no training camp is without it’s fair share of fresh faces. The Redskins toned down their off-season changeovers this year, but there will still be some new faces walking around Redskin Park.

London Fletcher – The tackling machine comes over from the Buffalo Bills to take over middle linebacker duties. Fletcher is a seasoned veteran that commands a lot of respect. He won’t be hard to pick out, but he’s wearing number 59 if you can’t locate the voice.

Laron Landry – Obviously the Redskins first round draft pick (6th overall) is a face that Redskin fans will want to keep an eye out for. Landry will be wearing number 30 and won’t likely be too far from number 21’s side.

Fred Smoot – Redskin fans haven’t likely forgotten what Freddie looks like, but he’s another guy to keep an eye out for camp. Although with Fred, if you keep an ear out, you should be able to locate him. He’ll be wearing number 27 this year.

Derrick Blaylock – In the backfield, there’s Clinton, there’s Ladell, there’s Rock, and now there’s Derrick as well. Trying to rebound from an injury marred stay with the Jets, Blaylock will be looking to catch the eye of his former (and current) offensive coordinator Al Saunders.

Jason Fabini – Coming over from the Dallas Cowboys to provide depth on the offensive line is the veteran Fabini. At 6’7″ and over 300 pounds, he shouldn’t be too difficult to spot. He will be wearing a large jersey with the number 69 on it.

David Macklin – With all of the changes in the secondary, don’t forget about David Macklin. Macklin makes the move from Arizona and reportedly took less money to come to Washington rather than go to another team. That alone makes number 38 worth checking out.

Other New Faces:

H.B. Blades – number 54; Dallas Sartz – number 55; Jordan Palmer – number 3; Tyler Ecker – number 88; Ross Tucker – 68; Jerametrius Butler – number 35; Chris Wilson (from CFL) – number 77; Byron Westbrook – number 36; Stephon Heyer – number 74

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Mark Solway

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