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The P Must Stand For Pansy

By Mark Solway | August 8th, 2007

Today’s society never ceases to amaze me. We, as a culture, are so caught up in being politically correct that it often supersedes common sense. This is the case with ESPN and the QB challenge. The NFL put on the QB challenge in the Cayman Islands in May, and many of us have been chomping at the bit to see how it turned out, as the Washington Redskins sent Jason Campbell and Brandon Lloyd down to participate. ESPN had the rights to show the event, and chose August 3 as its air date. Unfortunately for those who hoped to see Campbell and Lloyd battle some of the NFL’s stars, Michael Vick participated. This is where common sense flew out the window. Apparently, ESPN thinks that its viewing audience is so stupid, that we will see Michael Vick and instantly assume that the network fully supports dog fighting. NFL Films has tried to work around ESPN’s objections. After delivering the initial coverage, they sent a second version that limited Vick’s coverage and it still wasn’t good enough. NFL Films then sent a third version, which completely cut out Michael Vick, and the stuffed shirts in Bristol still balked. As a result, football fans across the globe miss out on the type of skills challenge we typically lap up like thirsty dogs in August in D.C. Hey ESPN. Vick is on the Falcons’ roster. You better not cover any Georgia-based teams or teams with bird logos. It could come back to bite…

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