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Finally, the 2007-2008 football season has arrived and with it the 3rd season of TheHogs.net Hognostications competition. Welcome back to all those who have participated and an encouraging ‘get in the game’ to anyone who hasn’t. Hognosticating is a lot of fun, it keeps you up to speed on the NFL’s upcoming matchups, and provides for some fun-spirited smack talking on TheHogs.net’s message boards.

THN member Redskin in Canada does a great job weekly with his picks, stats, and the Hognostication blog – keeping everyone informed, motivated and talking smack, if they choose. For Redskin in Canada’s review of the 2005 and 2006 seasons and results, click here.

For those of you unfamiliar with our friendly pick ’em contest, each contestant is asked to pick the game winner of each of the games on the NFL schedule every week. It’s easy, no point spreads, just straight up winners – or if you prefer, losers, like the Cowgirls. Thehogs.net makes it easy with our weekly picksheet form, weekly selection review and weekly and season pool standing links – so you’ll always know where you stand. The key is to be sure and keep up weekly and make sure to make your entries before the entry deadline. You make your picks quickly and easily online, and the pool provides tons of statistics and resources. Best of all it’s FREE!

The Season Pool Winner is determined by the participant with the most wins picked throughout the 17 week regular season. Should two or more players be tied, then the winner will be the one with the better winning percentage. If that does not break the tie, then the Monday Night Tiebreaker Percentage will decide between them. The Monday Night Tiebreaker is nothing more than predicting the combined score total for each week’s Monday night game.

Congratulations to last season’s regular season Hognostication Champion – HOSS.

Best of luck to everyone in the 2007-2008 Hognostications and Hail to the Redskins!

2007 Schedule For Making Picks

» Week 1: Thursday September 6th (6:00 PM)
» Week 2: Friday September 14th (9:00 PM)
» Week 3: Friday September 21st (9:00 PM)
» Week 4: Friday September 28th (9:00 PM)
» Week 5: Friday October 5th (9:00 PM)
» Week 6: Friday October 12th (9:00 PM)
» Week 7: Friday October 19th (9:00 PM)
» Week 8: Friday October 26th (9:00 PM)
» Week 9: Friday November 2nd (9:00 PM)
» Week 10: Friday November 9th (9:00 PM)
» Week 11: Friday November 16th (9:00 PM)
» Week 12: Thursday November 22nd (12:00 PM)
» Week 13: Thursday November 29th (6:00 PM)
» Week 14: Thursday December 6th (6:00 PM)
» Week 15: Thursday December 13th (6:00 PM)
» Week 16: Thursday December 20th (6:00 PM)
» Week 17: Friday December 27th (9:00 PM)

For more information, and/or to sign up visit our Hognostications section.

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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