Dramatic Win

Washington Commanders

The last six months or more of my life has brought many changes. I have had no time to sit down and put my thoughts or feelings down in written form. With a first grader, soccer practice, cub scouts, a new baby, and a husband holding down pretty much two full time jobs and a full time job of my own, that won’t likely change anytime soon. However, something I heard this morning has inspired me to squeeze a few minutes out of my schedule to express exactly how I feel. The power of media amazes me. On more then a few occasions I have heard something very off the wall expressed on the radio or television and then later heard it perfectly regurgitated by coworkers or people on message boards as their opinion on the subject. I am a very opinionated person. Sometimes my opinion comes out even if I try to hold back. My opinions, as wrong as they may seem to some are not arrived at lightly. I contemplate evidence put before me and formulate my own answers to life’s questions. I wish everyone had the ability to do this. On second thought I think everyone does have the ability to do so. It is a matter of being lazy. You can take what you hear as fact or you can research, observe and form you own opinion. I choose the latter even with my full schedule. This morning on the way to work I made the mistake of listening to one of my least favorite stations. I will not name names but you will likely figure out which station it is if you read this entire blog. In my early morning daze I assumed after a win the commentary would be easy on my ears and I would not be subject to gratuitous drama. Was I ever wrong. The first thing I hear is a voice that has caused me to scream at the radio more times than I can count. I knew I should have pleaded with my Scott to change the station at this point. I let it go, thinking maybe something would come out of the man’s mouth that would be enlightening or even entertaining. Again, I was wrong. The first point I hear him make is how stellar the defense looked. Don’t get me wrong, I believe yesterday’s defensive performance was a vast improvement from the 2006 season however; the performance was not without flaws. Given this particular radio personalities proficiency for pointing out defects, I fully expected his evaluation to go a little beyond saying they had a solid showing. It only got worse. The next subject he tackled was the running game. He was not impressed by the performance that Clinton Portis gave yesterday. Are you kidding me? He was not even the man getting the bulk of the carries and he almost broke 100 yards. I was impressed with not only his numbers but with the passion that he played yesterday. This radio personality was a former running back so maybe he saw something I did not but he most certainly cannot convince me that Clinton did not play with heart yesterday and that’s something that technique cannot measure. He wanted to win that game and his zeal made me proud to be a Redskin’s fan. The next subject that he broached was the wide receivers. I watched every second of the game yesterday and was slightly disappointed in our offense on several levels. The wide receivers were definitely an area that did not live up to expectation. The entire receiving corps, with the exception of Randle El needs to hit the practice field this week and hit it hard. The first point I would have made given the forum is that our number one receiver dropped several passes thrown at him. After one drop he even seemed to complain. Not the attitude I would like to see, at all. Jason Campbell did not throw with great accuracy and it could have been a better pass but a seasoned receiver that is trying to boost the confidence of a new guy doesn’t get up grumbling about the errant pass. Not once does this ‘expert’ mention Moss. He goes after Brandon Lloyd. Are you kidding me? I know that Lloyd made a mistake. I am sure that Lloyd knows he made a mistake. But his was not the only mistake made on the field. There was an entire series of mistakes on the defensive end of the ball that lead to a touchdown. Carlos Rogers made so many mistakes I actually wondered why he got the start in lieu of Springs. The offense struggled on a whole and Cooley, Moss, Lloyd, and several others should take the same amount of grief for their mistakes. Even Campbell should be given a little bit of a hard time for his faults. He has less experience being a starter and that is why I says a ‘little bit’. This radio personality really went out on a limb to call names this morning. I was very disappointed that he would try to create drama even after a win. One thing I find I need less of in my life is drama. So from now on I will turn down the radio dial the second I hear his voice. I will not subject myself to his theatrical displays. Maybe that’s why he gets the big bucks. He’s willing to single someone out and label them a ‘loser’ over a single mistake. It must be nice to be…

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