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Hognostications Week 6

By Frank Hastings | October 11th, 2007

Week 5 turned out to be a good week of hognosticating for most of our competitors. Congratulations to HOOKBASSGA, who for the second time in five weeks placed first in our weekly standings, with a 13-1 mark. HOOKBASSGA also holds a commanding lead in our seasonal standings with a six game lead through five weeks of hognosticating.

Who would have believed at the start of this season that we’d see Trent Dilfer starting last week for the 49ers, Vinny Testaverde possibly starting this week or next for the Panthers, and Kurt Warner as the starter in Arizona? Probably about the same number of us that believed after the Bills stopped the Pukes on the two-point conversion try, that the Cryboys had a chance at winning such a pathetic excuse for a football game.

Cincinnati at Kansas City
This is a tough pick! Which team is worse? The KC offense or the Bengal defense? Who knows; going against conventional wisdom here and picking the away team without a defense? A full and speedy recovery shout-out to Lemar Marshall, who tore his Achilles in the Bengal’s week four loss to New England.
Pick – Bengals

Houston at Jacksonville
Injuries have taken their toll on the Texan offense, and the Jacksonville defense will be just too tough at home. Also, Del Rio won’t let the Jags forget that they dropped both meetings last season against a lesser Texan team.
Pick – Jaguars

Miami at Cleveland
The Dolphins are the AFC’s only winless team and will start Cleo Lemon (his second) at QB this week replacing Trent ‘I need to learn to protect my noggin’ Green. Don’t be surprised if Miami pulls off an upset here. Kidding aside, best of luck for a full recovery to Trent Green.
Pick – Browns

Minnesota at Chicago
This game should be a defensive battle with neither side having much luck running the ball. The Bears won’t let Adrian Peterson run all over them. Favor the Bears at home with Brian Griese’s experience over projected Viking starter, Tavaris Jackson.
Pick – Bears

Philadelphia at N.Y. Jets
Both of these teams are coming off losses to the Giants. During Andy Reid’s tenure, the Eagles are 8-0 coming off a bye week, and have never lost to the Jets (7-0). McChoke will welcome the return of left tackle, William Thomas, and hopes to also see Brian Westbrook’s return.
Pick – Eagles

St. Louis at Baltimore
Both teams are struggling with mass injuries on the offensive lines. However, the Raisins’ substitutions have filled in admirably. The Rams started just three offensive starters last week, as compared to the season opener. Gus Frerotte got the start last week and will be wishing he didn’t this week.
Pick – Raisins

Tennessee at Tampa Bay
This should be a good, close game. But look for Tampa’s defense to wear down late, after too much time on the field. The Titans will dominate time of possession, due to the Bucs injury-induced lack of a rushing attack.
Pick – Titans

Washington at Green Bay
The Washington Redskins’ third-ranked defense has allowed a league-low four touchdowns this season (2 rushing, 2 passing). Most of you probably already know this, but it sure feels good to write and say it! Look for Coach Williams to defend the Packers’ top-ranked passing attack, yet rush-challenged offense, in a similar way to Detroit, daring the Packers to try and run the ball with coverage schemes, little blitzing and a straight four-man rush. This will be Favre’s first loss in four meetings with the Redskins.
Pick – Redskins

Carolina at Arizona
Having the advantage of a healthy, albeit aged, starting QB with a winning history and home field should be enough to favor Arizona.
Pick – Cardinals

New England at Dallas
This contest will be only the fifth time in league history that two teams have met with records of 5-0 or better. The Pukes are one of three teams that the Patriots have never beaten on the road (Washington and San Francisco are the other two). It’ll be interesting to see over the course of the remainder of the season, if the Bills’ defensive line stunts and positioning are mimicked to try and duplicate Romo’s struggles on Monday night. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the Pukes get completely throttled, with Homo throwing another 5 picks, B.O. held without a significant catch, and Moss with 2-3 scores?
Pick – Patriots

Oakland at San Diego
At stake, believe it or not – first place in the AFC West. The health of LaMont Jordan has got to be a concern for the Faider faithful. LT and Michael Turner on the other hand will get plenty of carries from here on out for Bolts.
Pick – Chargers

New Orleans at Seattle
Holmgren has never lost to the Saints (5-0) and won’t this week at home. What is the story with Drew Brees? The guy is playing like crap and nothing seems to be written or discussed about it.
Pick – Seahawks

N.Y. Giants at Atlanta
Bet the over in Giant sack totals. Sure would be nice for the Falcons to do what the choking Bills couldn’t.
Pick – Giants

Last Week 11-3
Season 51-25

Edit: This blog was archived in May of 2016 from our original articles database.It was originally posted by Frank Hastings

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